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This week on the podcast, join Chaos and Carnage as they get in lost in a pair of Bette Davis eyes with the supernatural horror classic “Burnt Offerings”.

Burnt Offerings



Up the ancient stairs, behind the locked door, something lives, something evil, from which no podcast has ever returned.

 This week, join Chaos and Carnage at their giant, sinister summer home for poolside fun, painting on the impressive grounds, and martinis in the greatroom. Just don’t go anywhere near the matriarch’s rooms, and you’ll have a perfectly pleasant time. As long as the house likes you…

 “Man that sounds like Anthony Stewart Head rents a summer home with his family… but then he turns out not to be Anthony Stewart Head …and things go awry.” – Carnage’s 5 second summaries.

 It’s the mid-70s. Ben, Marion and their family have found the perfect summer getaway from their crowded city apartment, a huge old house in the country where they all can relax. It’s an old house, but the rent is an absolute steal. The eccentric owners have just one caveat… their mother is still a year-round resident of the house.

You’ll never even see her, they promise, she just needs a meal tray delivered three times a day. Marion doesn’t mind one bit, as for her the house is love at first sight. Ben isn’t as convinced, but Marion works on him, and come July first, they, their son, and Ben’s Aunt Elizabeth all move in for the summer.

 Everything seams idyllic as Ben and David get the pool working and Marion eagerly takes on decorating and cleaning the huge house, but slowly, something sinister reveals its own designs…

Will they make it out with their sanity and lives intact? Well, go check it out on Amazon Prime and then join Chaos and Carnage for breakdown of the movie with plot, trivia, awards and more! Or just let them spoil the crap out of the movie, they have no problem doing that, too.

Check out the trailer for the film below. And tune in next week for the Carnage pick, Chopping Mall!

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