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In a special holiday edition of the Rocky Horror Spookshow video review column, our hosts Miss J & Marty spread cheer and fear with a side-by-side comparison of the controversial 1984 American slasher classic Silent Night, Deadly Night and the very loose 2012 remake Silent Night. Hear what these two evil elves have to say about the merits of each film and which of these holiday horrors makes them the jolliest.

Silent Night, Deadly Night opened big when it was released by TriStar Pictures on November 9, 1984. On its opening weekend, the film outgrossed Wes Craven’s A Nightmare on Elm Street, which opened the same day. However, the film was quickly pulled from theaters due to parent outrage over the negative portrayal of everyone’s favorite fat man in a red suit. Since its release, the film has developed a cult following and spawned five sequels, as well as a loose remake years later.

Silent Night is a 2012 horror film that very loosely borrows from the 1984 film while adding in new plot points taken from the real life Covina Massacre that occurred in 2008.  Although skewered by traditional film critics, the film was widely embraced by the horror community and is a favorite among fans of brutal slashers, creative kills and tongue-in-cheek humor.

Miss J and Marty also share their top three favorite Christmas horror movies and favorite non-horror holiday films, as well as teasing an awesome upcoming giveaway right after the holidays.



We’ll be back on January 7th with more awesome videos from Morbidly Beautiful’s hot horror couple. Until then, we hope you have the happiest of holidays and a very merry New Year. 

Opening song credits: Hello (Adele Cover) – Lukas Rossi
Film montage song: Santa Claws is Coming to Town – Alice Cooper


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