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A modern masterpiece or an overhyped exercise in trauma porn? We discuss and debate the merits of Ari Aster’s buzzed-about “Hereditary”.

It’s Donny’s choice this week, and he went with a modern horror classic, HEREDITARY (2018) from director/writer Ari Aster!

Hereditary is the directorial debut of Ari Aster (who would follow up his critically acclaimed horror hit with another film adored by the arthouse crowd — previously covered on the podcast —  Midsommar).

Starring Toni Collette in a powerhouse performance, along with Alex Wolff, Milly Shapiro, Ann Dowd, and Gabriel Byrne, the film follows a grieving family tormented by a demonic entity after the death of their secretive grandmother.

Aster’s work on short horror films attracted the attention of A24, who greenlit Hereditary as his first feature film. Aster conceived it as primarily a family drama consisting of two distinct halves. Filming took place in Utah in 2017, with most indoor scenes shot on custom-built sets on a soundstage to give the film a dollhouse aesthetic.

Hereditary received widespread acclaim, with particular praise for Collette’s performance, Aster’s direction, and the haunting score. A deeply traumatizing horror drama, many hail it as one of the best horror films of the decade and perhaps even one of the best modern horror films of the 21st century. However, as an arthouse offering, it’s as polarizing as it is beloved.

Hereditary became A24’s highest-grossing film ever at the time, a record that was held until the release of Oscar-winning Everything Everywhere All at Once in 2022.


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