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Gore Vore

The anthology “Gore Vore”delivers enough glorious gore and subversive shocks to surprise and delight even seasoned extreme horror fans.

Vore, short for vorarephilia (from the Latin vorare meaning to devour and philia, to adore), is a fantastical sexual fetish “in which individuals are sexually aroused by (i) the idea of being eaten, (ii) eating another person, and/or (iii) observing this process for sexual gratification.”¹ This is also called a cannibal fetish, and can stem to the idea of consumption in general. 

Gore Vore opens with rousing synth music, a bloody maw, and sinew, not to mention the lacerations of a penis. Soon the sounds of a baby crying amongst the passionate moans of a woman can be heard. This begins the complex exploration into masochism, sadism, deviant sexuality, fantasy and gore.

Viewer discretion is certainly advised!

There are nine shorts in total, with some from recognizable creators in the underground extreme horror world such as Poison Rouge (American Guinea Pig: Sacrifice), Domiziano Cristopharo (House of Flesh Mannequins), and Mikel Balerdi (Larva Mental). Gore Vore includes a wide diversity in the creators’ interpretation of the generalized theme of vorarephilia, some erotic and some intensely personal. The segments run from abstract arthouse like Cristopharo’s “Stretching” to literal gross out cannibalism in “Infernal Gluttony 2” by Patrick Fortin.

There’s castration, entrails, nudity, graphic sexuality, dental trauma, penile trauma, and more.

This is absolutely an anthology for veteran fans of extreme cinema only.

I am still reeling (and gagging) from watching Finger Licking Goodby Lorenzo Dante Zanoni and Yummy Fur by Whit Gardenia, Daniel Valient & Cherokee Nevin.  

Though shown through exaggeration, GORE VORE portrays the taboo subject of vorarephilia through the lens of the dark centers of human sexuality. Share on X

There are aspects of the kink and/or BDSM community that include things such as knife play, where knives/swords are used in role playing or for psychological/physical stimulation, and blood play, where the appearance or feel of blood is sexually arousing. These sexual activities can be all consuming (pun intended). 

The gore in Gore Vore is pretty exquisite.

It ranges from down right cringeworthy (a woman engages in sexual intercourse with a pair of scissors) to comical, reminiscent of Dead Alive (1992) where a person ingests his own intestines.

The name of this anthology is spelled out in perfect putrefaction!  

With the ending credits stating that “no animals were harmed in the making of this film”, I was happy to see this as a handful of horror films, extreme or not, do include the deaths of real animals which is not something I condone and actively stay away from.

Suffice to say, I thoroughly enjoyed Gore Vore. Extreme cinema is a transgressive, subversive and truly confronting genre, and one that I have grown to love.

Overall Rating (Out of 5 Butterflies): 4

1. Turn on the Eating: A beginner’s guide to sexual cannibalism by Mark D. Griffiths Ph.D
Written by Kelly Gredner, Spinsters of Horror

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