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Ben Woodiwiss

We interview up-and-coming UK filmmaker Ben Woodiwiss about the art of indie filmmaking and his work in support of future filmmaking talent.

In this episode of THE CHAMBER, Brodie Hubbard talks with filmmaker Ben Woodiwiss (Benny Loves Killing, 2013). They discuss formative horror and cinema experiences, working for Troma and meeting Lloyd Kaufman, the difficulty of getting movies made, working with children across international borders to teach them filmmaking, revisiting classic slasher franchises and navigating their continuities, and more!

Ben Woodiwiss lives and works in London, UK. He is the founder of Look/Think Films and is both a screenwriter and a director who has created six short films plus one feature film. He works tirelessly to support emerging filmmaking talent and has provided thousands of young filmmakers with platforms for their films to be seen and their voices to be heard.

Ben’s goal is to make people excited about films and to do something different. He’s especially drawn to drama and horror and loves films that focus on place, texture, and transgressive female characters.

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The Chamber

Morbidly Beautiful presents a horror interview podcast hosted by Brodie Hubbard. You have entered The Chamber. A former video store clerk with a rabid love of horror, Hubbard is a writer living beneath the Superstition Mountains of Arizona. He is a scholar of cult faves, weird pop culture, and horror. In addition to hosting his interview podcast on the Morbidly Beautiful network, he also hosts the movie review and travelogue series VIDEO OF THE DAMNED on the Morbidly Beautiful YouTube channel.

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Besides following the Morbidly Beautiful network online and specifically on YouTube, where we host his series VIDEO OF THE DAMNED and the video versions of THE CHAMBER, you can find Brodie and his work at @brodiehubbard on your usual platforms, or just go to

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