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Morbidly Beautiful presents an indie horror interview podcast hosted by writer and entertainer Brodie Hubbard. You have entered The Chamber.

We are thrilled to welcome The Chamber to the Morbidly Beautiful Network. We are so proud of our blossoming podcast network and have been thrilled to welcome some phenomenal new shows to round out our incredibly diverse and engaging stable of shows. We’ve been anxious to add a stellar interview-based show to the network to spotlight more independent artists, filmmakers, and creators who deserve recognition.

When we found Brodie Hubbard and heard about his plans for an exciting new show, tapping into his years of experience in the entertainment industry, we knew we had a winning combination. 

The Chamber typically airs weekly (on Fridays), and you can catch a new Video of the Damned on YouTube every other week (on Mondays).

We asked Brodie what made them want to be a part of our network:

“I saw the call for new contributors, and that my local buddy and Cinemetary host Danni Winn was affiliated with the site. All my conversations with Stephanie have really resonated, the hard work she is doing and her ethics behind it really align with my own. I enjoy what the network is releasing, while also believing I can offer my own unique perspective to it.”


Brodie Hubbard

Brodie Hubbard is a writer living beneath the Superstition Mountains of Arizona. He is a scholar of cult faves, weird pop culture, and horror. He hosts the movie review and travelogue series VIDEO OF THE DAMNED on the Morbidly Beautiful YouTube channel and the interview podcast THE CHAMBER on the Morbidly Beautiful network.

He has always gravitated towards horror, first with the iconic slashers as an 80s kid and TV horror anthologies.

He was a video store clerk in the ’90s, so he took on all forms of cult classics, indie films, and pure schlock. His writing has tended to creep towards the scary and dangerous. But he likes all types, from Fulci and Argento to Gordon and Henenlotter to Troma and Full Moon. He is a Rob Zombie devotee and apologist, and he will watch anything with Barbara Crampton or Richard Brake. His favorites, though, are The Pale Door, Behind The Mask: The Rise of Leslie Vernon, and All Jacked Up and Full of Worms, which fits in his favorite self-designated subgenre called This City Is Garbage and So Are We (which Street Trash epitomizes like no other).


The Chamber

Brodie opened the door on THE CHAMBER by welcoming a trio of outstanding guests. Make sure you catch up on everything you’ve missed, and then come back each week for more stellar indie interviews.
Miss Callie Marie – THE CHAMBER welcomes Miss Callie Marie, a horror illustrator, graduate of the Tom Savini school who has worked with Doug Bradley, Slipknot, The Wyatt Family in WWE, and many other projects. She is also PHOENIX Magazine’s Best Artist of the Valley. We discuss the boom of local horror scenes, horror movie novelizations, what it’s like to have Bill Moseley wearing your Otis and Chop Top art, and more.
Kevin R. Phipps – With their second Writer/director Kevin R. Phipps enters THE CHAMBER to discuss his horror anthology feature “Dr. Saville’s Horror Show” and his documentary on “Friday the 13th: Part III”. We talk about the return of independent film into the zeitgeist and the camaraderie of the local Arizona horror community.
Tonjia Atomic – The first guest to enter THE CHAMBER is actress, filmmaker, and musician Tonjia Atomic (Plain Devil, Manos Returns, Hobo With A Trashcan). The conversation topics include early childhood horror-watching memories, the triumphs and trials of microbudget filmmaking, antiquing and cursed objects, making a 50-years-later sequel to “the worst film ever made,” and the joys of Americana, kitsch, and nostalgia.

Music: “Itchin 4 The Blood,” Lil Boodang. | |
Besides following the Morbidly Beautiful network online and specifically on YouTube, where we host his series VIDEO OF THE DAMNED and the video versions of THE CHAMBER, you can find Brodie and his work at @brodiehubbard on your usual platforms, or just go to

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