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We welcome actor and genre filmmaker Roger Conners to discuss his well-received feature debut “Rebirth” and his upcoming feature “Meat”.

Roger Conners

Welcome director, writer, and actor Roger Conners to THE CHAMBER!

Conners helmed the Night of the Living Dead homage, Rebirth. This microbudget love letter to George A. Romero and effective social horror film received quite a bit of buzz upon its release, with genre critics praising its devotion to honoring the original, its ability to pull off convincing effects with limited resources, and its still timely and powerful message.

Voices From the Balcony said, “For a film made for $12,000, REBIRTH delivers quite a bit more than I expected.”  

Horror Society raved, “A profound time capsule of our own ignorance, REBIRTH will leave viewers chomping for more.”

And Dread Society hails it as “an important film which horror fans would do well to add to their collections.”

As for Morbidly Beautiful, we heaped considerable praise on the film for being a terrific zombie movie and an exciting debut from Conners.

Conners’ next directorial effort is Meat, an LGBTQIA+ stone-cold slasher.

Besides being an up-and-coming genre filmmaker, Conners has made a name for himself in the world of cult and B-movie horror. He is known for his roles in Teacher Shortage, which was created by his co-host on Dark Night of the PodcastTroy Escamilla. He also played drag queen Lady Athena Slay in the infamous Christmas slasher Mother Krampus 2: Slay Ride.


Conners is no stranger to Morbidly Beautiful. You can read our previous coverage of him here:


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