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Short on story but rife with schlock, there isn’t much to bite your teeth into with “Blood Theatre” beyond slight gratuitous eighties gore.

Blood Theatre

Ten years after a blood tragedy, a movie theater is reopened, but the killer isn’t done yet. Let’s dig into 1984’s BLOOD THEATRE, directed by Rick Sloane!

As I See It

There is only one good reason to enter this theater of blood, and that’s the kills. It’s a full camp experience that cares little about the plot, which seems to only serve as a vehicle to get us to the next gag or kill scene. There are some decent, if not cheesy, ones. Specifically the popcorn machine kill, which probably would make for a great poster but it’s the imagination which does all the leg work for this film rather than what was committed to celluloid.

I’ve covered films before that featured Mary Woronov, and I’ve said she’s been the bright spot in such films. She was also especially good and evil in Rock n Roll High School and Rock n Roll High School Forever. For some reason, she was relegated to phone duties predominantly.

There is no overall redeeming value as a feature film. That’s harsh to say, but it is the truth.

To be fair, though, I do believe there is room for the types of movies that Rick Sloane is known for. They usually look better clipped out, right alongside Hobgoblins, playing on some shitty TV in some hipster bar with a killer soundtrack filling the room. A supercut of absurd kills and prop close-ups that makes someone sipping an IPA ask, “What film is that from?”

It still has to exist for it to fill that space, though. For that reason, I can appreciate what Sloane has done.

Famous Faces

Mary Woronov (Miss Blackwell) was Calamity Jane in Paul Bartel’s Death Race 2000, Audrey White in Night of the Comet, and Miss Togar in Rock n Roll High School Forever.

Of Gratuitous Nature

Have you ever seen theater staff that needed a locker room to change in? It’s useful to inject some nudity into the film but nothing more.


It’s going to have to be that popcorn kill scene for me. If ever there was a film that depicted the feel of a gratuitous eighties slasher without actually saying anything, it’s this film.

Ripe for a Remake

I’ll take any film set in a movie theater.


No progeny to report.

Where to Watch

The folks at Vinegar Syndrome have seen fit to keep Sloane’s first film alive in high definition with a new 2k scan that also features his second film The Visitants. You can stream Blood Theatre on Tubi, Plex, Cultpix, and Troma Now! Which seems a perfect fit for this film.

Overall Rating (Out of 5 Butterflies): 1

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