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Pandemics and Popcorn: 15 movies about deadly viruses and population-ending plagues to watch while you shelter in place and hope for a happy ending.

“Don’t wake me for the end of the world unless it has very good special effects.” – Roger Zelazny, Prince of Chaos
Intro by Richard Tanner

Imagine waking up with a slight cough and a fever. You crawl out of bed, drag yourself to the car and drive to the nearest store. There is nothing to worry about, right? Until you get to the wasteland that is store parking lot. Fights are breaking out, the shelves inside are all empty, and you sneeze! Everyone panics and all eyes are on you… you are the infected. You are the monster!

Sadly, that isn’t a movie premise anymore.

That is the evening news right now. We are living in a world held captive by COVID-19. The Cornavirus! Hell, it even sounds like a cheesy SyFy movie of the week: filled with celebrity cameos of those already infected (Hello, Mr. Hanks), over zealous extras (bye bye, toilet paper), and the buzz word that sends everyone into a panic (PANDEMIC).

COVID-19 is new; it can kill you and already has obliterated the kill count of all your favorite slashers combined. Whether or not you think the end is near or that is all just media hyped hysteria… you have to admit that it certainly has taken a hold of our daily lives.

Join us as we try to survive being shut off from humanity by reviewing our favorite DEADLY VIRUS films while we try desperately to tell ourselves, “It’s only a movie…”

THE STAND (1994)