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In these scary and challenging times, we need to come together. Here’s how you can help support many organizations and artists in need.

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, we’ve had a lot of music-related event cancellations (and postponements) come up. These include SXSW, Coachella (postponed until the Fall, along with its country equivalent Stagecoach), the Waking Windows Festival, Bonnaroo, and – of course – countless tours.

While it’s disappointing for fans, it can be financially devastating for artists who make most of their money off of tours (ticket sales, merch sales, etc.). That’s why I’ve complied a list of some artists who have cancelled tour dates and need your support now more than ever. Some are artists I’ve covered on this site as Music Editor, some are artists I recommend that I haven’t covered yet, and some are just really cool bands.

I’ve also included some organizations meant to help non-musicians in this troubling time. NOTE: The charities are mostly United States based. If you do not live in the US and still want to give back, please find your local charity to support.

Each artist and organization’s name will be accompanied by a link to their website (this includes bandcamp pages). If you’re able, I strongly urge you to help support these people. If they’re an artist, buy their merch, including physical copies of their music. Stream their music if you can’t buy physical stuff. If they’re a charity, donate your time or your money. If you can do neither, spread the word.

Solidarity forever.


  • Feeding America/No Kid Hungry/Meals on WheelsAll three of these charities work towards stopping food-related poverty. NKH specializes in childhood hunger while Meals on Wheels works with the elderly.
  • CDC Foundation This organization is working with the CDC to provide funds to fight the virus where federal and state funding falls short.
  • UNICEF The United Nations Children’s Fund is currently sending supplies to help protect children from the virus.
  • Assist Your Friendly Neighborhood Food Service WorkerThis article from the food website Eater complies a list of charities and bonds working to support food service workers.
  • AFCIO – American Federation of Labor and Congress of Industrial Organizations, this is a compilation of news about the virus from unions all over the country and also links to those unions.
  • Interfaith Works Emergency Overnight Shelter – this charity in Olympia, Washington works to house homeless folks in the city. Iconic riot grrrl performers Bikini Kill were to perform a show in support of them as part of their now postponed Northwest tour, and recommend that people send donations to them.
  • Your Local Food Bank – If you have excess food that you don’t need, donate it to your local food bank. The website attached has a listing of food banks.
  • Personal Assistance – Donate to your local union, help out your fellow worker, your neighbor, your friend.


  • Lingua Ignota – heavy metal/symphonic metal artist, comes with the MB Seal of Approval and the title of Best Album of 2019, at the time of this writing she’s going to undergo back surgery relatively soon and is in dire straits.
  • Chelsea Wolfe – dark folk performer, also comes with the MB Seal of Approval for Birth of Violence, was to have a European acoustic tour before travel restrictions cut that off.
  • Sargent House – rock based label, houses Lingua Ignota, Chelsea Wolfe, and many more wonderful artists, working alongside Hello Merch (their central merch website) to give more of the proceeds to artists.
  • Deafheaven – shoegaze metal band, Best Album of 2013 with Sunbather, were to have their 10th anniversary tour, will be releasing the live LP 10 Years Gone
  • Against Me!iconic punk band, Best Album of 2014 with Transgender Dysphoria Blues, cancelled a spring tour after a few dates
  • King Gizzard and the Lizard Wizard – rock band of varying styles, one of the Best Albums of 2019 with Infest the Rats’ Nest, postponed North American tour
  • Pussy RiotRussian based protest punk band, postponed a North American tour.
  • AJJfolk punk band, postponed much of their Good Luck Everybody tour in support of their latest album (which I will eventually review for this website).


Support your local artists! Donate money! Buy their merch and music! Stream their music! Buy tickets for shows scheduled later in the year if you can!

In conclusion, we’re all in this together and we all need to support each other. Do your best to help other people today, financially or not. Solidarity is how we’ll survive.

Love one another. Help each other. Don’t hoard more than what you need. Wash your damn hands.

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