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The Brits are back with a cheeky comedy about a man and his best friend; “JACK” is a joyful, riotous look at sexuality and coming-of-age.

I may be a rabid horror fan, but I also adore a good absurdist comedy with some dark humor. And I’m pretty excited about the upcoming British comedy JACK, set to release in the U.S. on March 24th via Amazon. I think once you see the bonkers trailer, you’ll be excited, too.

JACK is Charlie’s penis (you read that right), and he is the brains of the operation (of course, he is). He and Charlie have been friends from birth. When Charlie meets Barbie Le Fleur, a Canadian transfer student, JACK will do everything he can to guide his friend in his quest to enchant his dream girl.

With the help of an odd group of characters, from an incredibly handsome School therapist to a sex advisor prostitute and a group of hormonal friends, Charlie will use his “brain” to get the girl of his dreams.

The film stars Luke Rollason (Extraordinary, Disney+), Angela Sant’Albano, Phil Tomlin, Luis Mottola & Douglas Clarke-Wood. Writer/Director Pelayo De Lario also voices JACK.

English director, writer, and voice actor De Lario is making his feature film debut with JACK. The film was made during the Covid Confinement on a micro-budget in 11 days of shooting. It was Nominated for 5 Maverick film awards, including a win for best supporting actor.

Talking about the film, De Lario said:

“JACK is a hilarious absurdist comedy about a British university student and his struggle with his love and sex life but is told from the point of view of his penis (we all know men think with their dicks, it was about time someone said it!).”

He went on to add:

“I am incredibly proud of this film; it is pure entertainment the whole way through, with not a dull moment in sight — just a good time and lots of laughs. The movie will leave you feeling better than when you put it on.”

Honestly, who couldn’t use more of that in our lives?

JACK promises to be non-stop laughs for 9 minutes, a true joy ride. Check out the hilarious and endearing trailer below. 

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