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The Welder

Coming this February 2023, the chilling and socially relevant horror film “The Welder” isn’t afraid to cut deep and deliver intense terror.

The Welder

While I know not everyone is a fan of overt social horror, the genre’s ability to address timely — and timeless — social issues and real-world horrors is one of the reasons I am such an avid horror fan and truly believe these types of films deserve far more love and respect. Thus, I’m pretty excited about an upcoming horror film from rising distributor Terror Films (who are quickly making a name for themselves in the industry), THE WELDER.

Per the film’s press release:

The Welder takes the very prevalent issue of racism and subtly explores the true horror that is racial division and even offers a solution, albeit a morbid one.

Directed by David Liz, the film follows couple Eliza (Camila Rodriguez) and Roe (Roe Dunkley) as their weekend getaway takes a terrifying turn when they find themselves trying to elude a demented former doctor (Vincent De Paul) hell-bent on curing the social blight of racism with his twisted experiments.

Eliza is a young Latina woman haunted by a traumatic event she experienced in the military. Her black boyfriend, Roe, takes her to a ranch to help relieve her anxiety and panic attacks. But once there, they find themselves fighting for their lives as they attempt to elude the demented racial experiments of a doctor gone mad.

As a professional graphic designer, I seriously appreciate a stellar film poster, and this one is definitely unnerving and attention-getting.

The Welder

The trailer is intense and makes me think — and hope — that THE WELDER will be truly disturbing and all kinds of messed up in the best way possible. The exclusive clip our friends at October Coast just sent over only significantly ramps up my anticipation. It’s brief but absolutely chilling.

Written by Liz and Manny Degadillo, THE WELDER is out worldwide on February 24 from Terror Films. Stay tuned for our full review coming shortly.

Check out the EXCLUSIVE CLIP and trailer for THE WELDER below. 

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