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A highly entertaining hidden gem, “Another Evil” is elevated above its small budget by the two outstanding performances from its leads.

An encounter with an unconvincing ghost causes a painter to reach out to a demonologist who is kinda crazy. Abstract art, demon boxes, a whole lot of alcohol and a sexual encounter with Satan that led to one man getting an STD and more are in store in this week’s Tubi Tuesday, Another Evil.

I’ve seen reviews on Letterboxd where this one was compared favorably to Creep and The Cable Guy. And while this film certainly has those vibes, it doesn’t attempt to be funny and cranks the creepy factor really high. 

Released in 2016, Another Evil follows the story of a painter named Dan (Steve Zissis, Happy Death Day 2U) who takes his family to a secluded cabin so he can do some paintings. One night a ghost appears, and Dan reaches out to a spiritual expert to take a look at the house. Enter the drunken Joey who burns sage and confirms there are two ghosts, but they are nice and that Dan should ignore them. 

Dan, not pleased with this answer, asks for someone to get rid of the ghost. So Joey recommends the best, his buddy Os (Mark Proksch, best known as Colin Robinson from FX’s hit show What We Do in the Shadows).

The rest of the film is just Dan and Os hanging out in the cabin, trying to get rid of the ghosts.

This works great because Dan is fairly straight-laced and skeptical, while Os is the stereotypical nerd cosplaying as a demonologist — complete with the goofy hat and lack of social tact. 

Os decides to stay the night for about a week. Every night, the two strangers hang out while they try to catch ghosts with odd methods like strobe lights and Os’ homemade ghost boxes. They drink heavily and start sharing some personal stories.

Dan reveals that his paintings of black circles have no meaning and that he lies about their deep meaning in order to sell them.

Os reveals that the reason he initially got into ghost hunting was that he defiled a corpse as a teenage prank, and then a beautiful woman in a Lamborghini who was actually the devil had sex with him in a castle and gave him gonorrhea.

As Os’ behavior becomes more erratic and his drinking gets heavier, Dan decides it best to pretend that the ghost ran away in the hopes that Os will just leave. Despite Dan’s best efforts, Os is not convinced and instead ties up Dan and lures his family to the cabin, where he intends to perform an exorcism on Dan’s son by burying him alive. 

Up until this point, the film is pretty slow-paced and meandering.

However, once Os goes wild, the film really excels.

Sure, the extremely low budget is evident throughout the film, and the ghosts are clearly just people running around with white sheets. But that’s not the point of the movie.

The point is the interaction between Dan and Os, with an accentuation on the madness of the latter.

And that dynamic between our two leads, with great performances from both Zissis and Proksch, is what makes this film such a hidden gem that’s easy to recommend.

Another Evil is a really fun film that I’d wager may not be on your radar. It’s the kind of film Tubi was made for. It doesn’t overstay its welcome and is perfect for anyone looking for something a bit different.

Watch it today, streaming for free on Tubi. Then, let me know what you think in the comments. And be sure to come back every Tuesday for more great Tubi recommendations.

Overall Rating (Out of 5 Butterflies): 4

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