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In the debut episode of “Untold Horrors” — a podcast dedicated to the deep and wide world of Tubi horror — we look for found footage treasures.

Welcome to the UNTOLD HORRORS Podcast, the show where two horror-loving film nerds mine the depths of Tubi to unearth hidden treasures.

On our premiere episode, Jamie and Steph explore the world of found footage. Tune in as we determine if VHS VIOLENCE: BOOTLEGGED and OUR TRIP TO BERRIBROOK are hidden gems or blunders not worth your time to plunder.

2022’s VHS VIOLENCE: BOOTLEGGED (picked by Jamie) is a V/H/S series-inspired microbudget horror anthology consisting of four segments referred to as Tapes. It was directed by Destiny Soria for Tape 1 (she also starred in her segment), Sam Mason-Bell for Tape 2, Derek Hill for Tape 3, and Janet Lopez and Dustin Ferguson for Tape 4. Ferguson also directed the wrap-around. Each of the directors also wrote their respective segments.

OUR TRIP TO BERRIBROOK (picked by Steph) is a 2022 found footage film directed by Frank Maljevac about three American bloggers who venture into an Australian national park in search of a mysterious, Bigfoot-like creature.

We may not have struck gold on this episode, but we didn’t come up completely empty-handed. One of us found a gem that did much to delight us, especially with its absolutely insane ending, while the other one picked a film that left us bewildered and frustrated. Which one is which? Tune in to find out!


Untold Horrors

A long-time writer for Morbidly Beautiful, Jamie Marino has been a horror movie fan since grade school. His horror movie library currently stands at over 4,000 titles. He graduated with honors from King’s College with a degree in Literature/Creative Writing, as well as a double major in Philosophy. Morbidly Beautiful Founder and editor-in-chief Stephanie Malone is a professional writer, editor, graphic designer, and VP of Marketing. She attended Film School and has an English and Marketing degree. She’s a passionate supporter of indie film, a producer, and a Rotten Tomatoes-approved film critic. 


Tubi is a surprisingly deep well of great genre content, but it’s hit or miss. In this show, two lifelong horror-obsessed cinephiles do the digging for you so you know what’s worth your time. Our goal is to help you discover great films you never knew existed. To find our buried treasure, we take turns picking a theme or subgenre of film. Then each of us searches Tubi to find three intriguing-looking films we’ve never seen or heard of, and we both pick one film from the list of three presented to us by our co-host — picking solely based on poster art and a brief synopsis (no trailers and no ratings or reviews). We go with our gut and roll the dice. They won’t all be gems. But, hopefully, we’ll find some gold along the way.

Our Instagram handles are:

Morbidly Beautiful @morbidlybeautifulhorror | Stephanie @srgreenhaw | Jamie @redcrow88

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Artwork and show music by Stephanie Malone

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