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It’s Women in Horror Wednesday, and we are beyond honored to have talented filmmaker and “Director Lady” Heidi Moore join us as a guest reviewer on our new YouTube Channel. Heidi is a writer, director, and cinematographer. She’s created several wonderfully twisted and terrifying short films, such as Wurms, Boyfriend, and Mommy. She also recently completed her first feature film, Dolly Deadly (read our review here), a creepy and exceptionally fun psychological horror/revenge film written by Moore and Cassandra Sechler.

Heidi is also the mastermind behind the independent film company Wretched Productions, specializing in genre films, Horror, and beyond.

“I take special interest in the strange and unusual- having been influenced by B-movies as a child,” says Moore, “along with all of the amazing characters that surround me in the ‘real world’.”

Heidi was kind enough to provide her thoughts on Rob Zombie’s new film 31. She reviews the film, not only as a passionate fan of horror films, but as a gifted indie filmmaker who understands what it takes to make a low budget horror film. Heidi addresses some of the controversy and criticism surrounding the film and gives her insightful opinion on what works really well and what doesn’t. Find out if she thinks the movie lives up to all the hype and anticipation…or if Zombie misses the mark on his crowdfunded 70s-inspired slasher.

Check out Heidi’s video review below. If you like it, please be sure to comment below or over on our YouTube Channel. And be sure to subscribe while you’re there for weekly video updates including reviews, top ten lists, classic film recommendations, and so much more. We hope to have Heidi back for many more future reviews, and she’d love to hear what you think!

Note: This review may contain spoilers.

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