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Day 8’s WiHM Massive Blood Drive PSA is the funny and highly informative “Party Prick” from filmmakers Samantha Hawkins and Kimberly Pipkin. 

“It’s time for your daily recommended dose of wicked awesome.  Yes, we’re rocking Women in Horror Month’s MASSIVE Blood Drive with a badass 30 filmmaking teams from around the world!  It’s our biggest and BEST year yet!  It’s with supreme pleasure that we introduce a group of filmmakers who we think have a lot of talent that you’re gonna want to be following.  Keep them on your radar, they will be huge.” – Jen and Sylvia Soska

This most recent contribution to the Soska sisters Massive Blood Drive, entitled “Party Prick”, shares the facts while having a good time.

Some friends out of North Carolina, Samantha Hawkins and Kimberly Pipkin, decided to help the cause in this, their first ever, submission to the twins. The pair were some of the contest winners of an American Mary Swede competition held last year, which also stars Brett Haynes. After clicking cinematically, the group of Pipkin, Haynes, and Hawkins have several short projects in the works for this year.

The artists had this to say:

“We’re passionate about giving blood because it’s a universal gift that almost anyone can give. No matter where you’re from or how much money you make, your selfless donation can still make a difference. We also give because we’d like to think others would do the same for us.”

They went on to add, “It’s so easy to distance ourselves from victims of natural disasters, gun violence, or traumatic accidents until we or someone we know becomes one of those victims. If we’re all afraid to donate, or if we all assume someone else will fill the need, who’ll be there in our time of need?” 

Check out this great short with an even greater message below. 

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