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It’s an indie horror new release spotlight with the werewolf horror comedy “Shaky Shivers” and the French family horror “The Origin of Evil”.

Shaky Shivers

As always, we begin the show with some horror headlines.

We love covering indie films. It is especially fun when you get to see something really special. Still, it is hard not to worry that these little movies will not find a home. We do not expect these releases to have Barbie levels of success (though that would be awesome); we just want audiences to have the chance to see them.

This is why channels like Shudder are so important. Movies like You’ll Never Find Me have an opportunity to be seen and hopefully appreciated.

We also talk about the genius of Taylor Swift and the power of her fans.

Then, it’s on to our featured presentation and new movie spotlight. 

Werewolves have an interesting place in horror. They are one of the most popular monsters, but they are often treated as cute or funny. It is a strange fate for a creature that is rooted in tragedy.

Shaky Shivers is the latest werewolf film with a silly spin. We talk about its performances, comedy, and surprising tie to Fast & Furious.

For our second film, we talk about an “in theaters now” foreign export. 

The Origin of Evil

When people talk about how they dislike foreign movies, they do not think of the works of Park Chan Wook or J-Horror. It is not influential giallo or the body horror from France that turns audiences off either. For whatever reason, people equate foreign movies as too artsy. This week’s feature presentation is a great example of why.

The Origin of Evil has all the right ingredients for a fun and twisting narrative. There are wacky characters, an engaging mystery, and some hard-hitting moments.

Unfortunately, it is also strangely paced and constantly anticlimactic, and the writing seems unsure of itself. It does just about everything well, but nothing stands out.


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