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We sit down with renowned comic book writer Tina Horn to explore horror movies, cult classics, and the dark corners of pop culture. 


Join us as we delve deep into the eerie realms of horror movies, exploring spine-tingling classics and spine-chilling cult favorites. Discover the dark inspirations behind Tina’s upcoming comic ”Deprog” and unravel the mysteries of her intriguing podcast, “Why Are People Into That?” 

Tina Horn is the creator and writer of the sci-fi sex-rebel comic book series SfSx (Safe Sex). She also hosts and produces the long-running kink podcast Why Are People Into That?!. Her reporting on sexual subcultures and politics has appeared in Rolling Stone, Playboy, Hazlitt, Glamour, Jezebel, and elsewhere. She is the author of two nonfiction books and has contributed to numerous anthologies, including the queer horror collection Theater of Terror and the feminist essay collection Believe Me: How Trusting Women Can Change the World.

Tina has lectured on sex worker politics and queer BDSM identities at universities and community centers all over North America and works as an on-set consultant for theater and television, including the dominatrix scenes of Pose. She is a LAMBDA Literary Fellow, the recipient of two Feminist Porn Awards, and holds an MFA in Creative Nonfiction Writing from Sarah Lawrence.

Tina is currently working on her first scripts for film and television. You can follow her on Twitter and Instagram @TinaHornsAss.

From her childhood encounters with horror to her current projects, Tina shares her captivating journey through the macabre. Tune in for an unsettling conversation that explores the allure of the unknown, the fascination with the bizarre, and the eerie secrets lurking in the shadows.

Don’t miss out on this bone-chilling episode packed with thrills, chills, and everything in between.


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