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Horror’s Scream Queens and Rising Talent: Six Questions for Tina Krause

“Gorgeous petite brunette Tina Krause was born on July 29, 1970 in Queens, New York. Krause graduated from the School of Visual Arts in New York City with a degree in Graphic Design and 3D illustration. Tina worked as an artist and graphic designer prior to embarking on an acting career after being discovered by director/producer Gary Whitson at a spring Chiller Theatre horror convention in New Jersey in 1994. Besides acting primarily in horror films, Krause has also worked as a model and continues to work as a graphic designer in between acting assignments. Tina directed her first movie in 2001. She lives in Brooklyn, New York.”

1. How did you get into the industry?

A stupid horror convention. Just kidding… it wasn’t that stupid. My sister wanted a Jason mask, so I took her to Chiller (on my ex’s ticket hahaha) and, while wondering around, I was discovered by WAVE. In fact, I shot my first scene is a WAVE movie that day. Don’t ask me the name of that movie either… it could be a trivia question one day.

2. What Scream Queen/Woman in Horror inspired you the most?

Morticia… I used to watch The Adams Family a lot.

3. What horror film hooked you on the genre and why?

Probably John Carpenter’s The Thing. At the time, I was really into FX and gore, and I remembered reading an article about it in Fangoria Magazine.  I watched it a couple of times, and from there I wanted to do something in horror industry.

4. When you are presented with a project, what are the things that draw you to certain projects and away from others?

Well, the obvious turnoff is if a person is a creep…yea, that will do it. Creepy dudes make me run! I mean, I can’t really judge anyone on what they think is good, so to say I won’t do a movie because the storyline or concept isn’t good would be a lie. If a concept stands out, then you have my undivided attention, and that’s a draw. It’s hard to say what pulls me away from something, only because you may work on a crappy project just because you have to pay bills. Oooohhh the all mighty dollar. Like I said, if a concept is interesting or different in some way and it catches my attention, then chances are I will work on it.

5. The evolution of women in the genre continues to change almost daily, so what are your thoughts on how things have changed and what do you see coming for the current and future women of horror?

Hmmm…I’ve seen it change, and I’ve seen things stay the same. I think it truly depends on the individual “woman” to push which way she wants to go. I will say this the film industry has, for the most part, been a man’s world. However, it would be nice — and I believe it is happening — for more and more woman to get truly involved (and I don’t mean acting). I’m talking about writing, directing and producing…. a lot more behind the scenes, more hands on creative work.

I find that interesting only because a woman’s view may be different from a man’s point of view on all aspects. And if the two views combine and work with each other, I believe we are gonna see some very different but amazing movies.

6. What are the next couple projects you are working on?

I’m writing a movie called Sshhh, so I hope to shoot that in the summer or rather the end of the summer. There are a few movies in the works, including one called Trap.

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