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We celebrate our 200th show by making a splash with a couple of killer retro reviews and an interview with two indie icons.

It has been a bumpy journey, but we have reached 200 episodes! We decided to celebrate by looking at a pair of movies that define what our humble little podcast is all about. What kind of indie movies do we cover, and why do we do it? What do we look for in genre in cinema? How did we both pick movies that had the strangest similarities?


We are 200 episodes in, and we start by looking at one of the most important directors in genre cinema. Steven Spielberg may not be the first director that comes to mind when it comes to indie or genre films, but if it were not for Jaws, the entire landscape of film would look different.  Despite his pedigree, his movies are not doing as well as they used to. Are we surprised?

Spielberg’s far-reaching influence is felt strongly in the first movie we cover this week.

Tintorera from 1977 claims to be about a killer shark, but it would be more accurate to call it an orgy movie that happens to have a shark in it. The smell of baby oil fills the air as we talk about possibly the most perverted tiger shark ever, history’s most well-adjusted throuple, and some unironically well-done underwater scenes.

We also take a trip to Rancho Deluxe with Jeff Daniels and Sam Waterston.

This 1975 movie is about a pair of cattle rustlers who come up with a scheme that will earn them a big score.

The film came out at an interesting time. Westerns were on the decline, but the hysteria surrounding truck drivers had yet to hit America.

Rancho Deluxe does not always seem to know what it wants to be, but it also does not care.

This leads to a grounded story with some amazing moments of over-the-top acting, a great performance from Harry Dean Stanton, and Jimmy Buffett playing one of the best songs of his career.

Rancho Deluxe is about independence, not taking things too seriously, and just living your life.

Our 200th episode also includes an interview with filmmaking duo Aaron Moorhead and Justin Benson.

Something in the Dirt

The two are known for some of the most mind-bending genre films of the past decade.

They talk about their latest movie, Something in the Dirt, shooting in Los Angeles, and non-traditional characters.

All this, plus the latest genre news and the winner of our Alienoid giveaway!

You can watch Tintorera on YouTube, stream Rancho Deluxe on Prime or Tubi, and rent Something in the Dirt on VOD. 


Last week, we discussed two thrillers focusing on emotions and character over twists and shocking reveals, including Florence Pugh’s new film and the latest from dynamic filmmaking duo Justin Benson and Aaron Moorhead.


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