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We take a turn this week by exploring a couple of dramatic, character-driven horror films: “The Wonder” and “Something in the Dirt”.

The Wonder

This week, we talk about two thrillers that focus on emotions and character over twists and reveals. Florence Pugh has been among our favorites for years, and we were excited about seeing her latest movie. While we are always excited to see what Justin Benson and Aaron Moorhead are doing, the end results have been more polarizing. Did something cause things to change this time?


Colder temperatures have finally arrived! When it comes to theater-going audiences, this means the Oscar bait is about to flood theaters. The poor box office for She Said got us thinking about the future of movie theaters. The movie adaptation of Harvey Weinstein had award buzz surrounding it. It was about a pair of newspaper reporters bringing trying to break a scandal against all odds. Make this a musical period piece, and you have got yourself a record-breaking number of Academy Awards to hand out.

Have the days of prestige films in theaters gone away?

In today’s streaming world, is there a point in going out to the movies to see anything besides the latest blockbusters? We talk about some of our favorite movie theater experiences and discuss the future of small films.

Then it’s on to our spotlight movie reviews. 

The Wonder is a Netflix movie starring Florence Pugh about an English nurse who travels to Ireland to investigate reports of a girl who has not eaten for months and is in perfect health.

Pugh gives a great performance that is par for the course for her, but is it enough? We talk about breaking the fourth wall, having patience, and the most unappetizing food ever filmed.

Something in the Dirt

Something in the Dirt landed on our radars as soon as we heard about it.

The latest film from Justin Benson and Aaron Moorhead (Spring) is about two men who immediately form a friendship over cigarettes and conversation. When they witness a strange occurrence, they do what any normal person in 2022 would: attempt to monetize it.

The film is set in the Hollywood Hills and is filled with ideas about the history of Los Angeles. The intimate film focuses on its two leads while telling a twisting story. It grabs your attention immediately.

So why do we think some people will be turned off by it?

You can stream The Wonder on Netflix, and you can rent Something in the Dirt on VOD. 


Last week, we discussed some intense genre fare that we are looking forward to, weird release schedules, and two films that had us laughing for different reasons. Join us as we talk about worms, onions, and accordions.


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