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This week on the podcast, we discuss two of the most memorable genre films out of Sundance, “My Animal” and “Infinity Pool”.


It is a very special episode this week as we talk about two World Premieres from Sundance. The first is a teen love story/family drama that also happens to have a werewolf in it. We also talk about a movie that we heard about a few years back but were convinced was a joke. Outsiders, YA thrillers, and full frontal collide on this week’s show.


We have much to say about the two films from the Sundance Film Festival. But before we talk about them, we have a discussion about the Academy Awards and the Razzies. Neither of us is a huge fan of the Oscars, but we understand their place in cinema. The Razzies, however… We also discuss the new Scream VI poster.

We brush over Young Adult themes in the genre but never really cover any. During this week’s Genre of the Future segment, we do just that.

We also cover a couple of lukewarm trailers and the edited version of one of the films we are covering this week. Plus, our problem with The Last of Us.

My Animal from the Sundance Film Festival is not your typical werewolf story, though it does start out like one.

My Animal (2023)

The film is a family drama, a teen romance, and an outsider story. It covers a number of themes and is one of the most unique-looking ‘creature features’ you will see. So why couldn’t we get completely behind it?

Infinity Pool is one of our most anticipated movies of this year. The Sundance World Premiere allowed us to see it in all its unedited glory.

Brandon Cronenberg’s latest is a strange watch that lives in the moment while also telling a deeper story. We also talk about the amazing Mia Goth and what is sure to be a polarizing ending.


Sundance officially kicks off the highly anticipated festival season and introduces fans to the genre films we’ll all be talking about in 2023. But before we checked out the most buzzworthy films of 2023, we looked back on all the genre films that made us giddy in 2022.


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