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This week on the cast, it’s a Shudder double feature with two stylish films: “Dawn Breaks Behind the Eyes” and “What Josiah Saw”.

Dawn Breaks Behind the Eyes

Last week, Regina suggested we discuss the then-upcoming Prey to start the show. At the time, it did not feel it would be worth our time. This week, we open the show by talking about…Prey. We discuss where it stands in the Predator franchise and how it handled the iconic alien. We also talk about some Shudder releases for August and take the opportunity to talk about The Cursed.


It’s a Shudder double-feature this week.

First up is Dawn Breaks Behind the Eyes, a love letter to a very specific type of movie.

Harkening back to European horror movies of the 1960s and 70s, the film will appeal to fans of a very particular type of cinema. The question becomes, does it have enough for mainstream audiences — especially when it features an Agnes-like twist?

Intentionally choosing style over substance can work, but are the filmmakers able to pull it off here?

Next, we discuss What Josiah Saw, which has a lot of the elements that we enjoy.

What Josiah Saw

Its Southern gothic setting and atmosphere are not something you see a lot of, and it features a  story that unwinds like a book.It has the scares expected from a Shudder film, but also has strong characters.

The story it tells is tragic, but its unique narrative structure is risky and compelling. So, what made it such a hard film to talk about?

We were upset, frustrated, and disappointed by the ending. Some of us were trying to justify and make excuses while others just wanted to write the whole thing off entirely.

In other exciting news, we will now be sharing video segments of the show over on the Morbidly Beautiful YouTube page. Now you can see us as well as hear us.

Check out our spoiler-free discussion about the ending of What Josiah Saw and watch us debate whether it ruined the film or was the right way to end the story.


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