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Irish Horror month continues with a look at the 2005 farm horror “Isolation” plus a discussion of the SXSW sleeper “The Cow”.

Isolation (2005)

We had to make some adjustments, but Irish Horror Movies Month continues with a film from 2005. South by Southwest is also back in full force this year. We cover a film that has flown under the radar despite its strong cast. It’s our most thematically consistent episode in quite a while — and none of it was on purpose.


The first Resident Evil movie just celebrated its twentieth anniversary We look back on it and other video game movies.

We also talk about what is coming to Shudder in April. This includes See For Me which we reviewed at the beginning of the year. We reminisce on the protagonist and talk about the 100th episode of The Last Drive-In.

Then it’s on to our featured film reviews.

2005’s Isolation (not to be confused with the recent 2021 pandemic anthology) is probably the least Irish of the films we have covered for Irish Horror Movies Month. (Of course, Shrooms was filled with a bunch of Americans, so the competition is stiff.)

The Fantastic Fest award winner is about a struggling farmer who accepts money from a scientist who wants to do DNA testing on the animals there. Naturally, things go wrong, but it leads to an amazingly disgusting story from Blake about birthing cows.

Winona Ryder in “The Cow”

Winona Ryder has been in the public eye for decades. Her latest movie will have long-time fans looking back fondly while also thinking about the roles she has taken in the latest chapter of her career.

Making its World Premiere at SXSW, The Cow is part thriller, part romantic drama about a woman whose boyfriend disappears one night.

The twisting narrative and performances stood out to us, but it was the more subtle things that really made an impression.

You can stream Isolation for free on Tubi. The Cow is currently on the festival circuit. 


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