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This week, we talk about 2018’s “Burning” plus our featured film review, 2021’s “The Beta Test” — including a very special interview.

After a year of staying as far away from the show as possible, Pablo comes back to talk about two character-driven thrillers. We start with a discussion about 2018’s Burning from South Korea and close with a talk about this year’s The Beta Test. We also talk about another upcoming Stephen King adaptation and have an interview with Jim Cummings and P.J. McCabe from The Beta Test.


As always, we begin with a discussion of the latest and greatest horror news.

There are just some things we cannot get away from on the show. Another Stephen King adaptation is on the way, and this time Rob Savage is at the helm. We talk about The Boogeyman, whether a short story can effectively be made into a two-hour movie, and if a director known for found footage will be able to pull it all off.

We then move on to our featured review. 

Parasite made history at the Academy Awards in 2020. Arguably, the path for its success was paved the year before with Burning. The movie is about a man who runs into a childhood friend. This one chance encounter leads to a carefully laid out mystery, commentary on class, and nuanced storytelling.

Finally, it’s time for our movie spotlight. 

Before we talk about The Beta Test, directors, writers, and stars Jim Cummings and P.J. McCabe talk about how they made the movie, what fears they had, and why improvisation does not work for them. It is a great interview that touches on what is wrong with Hollywood and possibly foreshadows the future of moviemaking.

The film itself is a genre mash that includes elements of horror, erotica, comedy, and mystery. It is a modern story that also touches on social media and data mining. But is there too much going on?

We talk about the performances, whether the movie is too inside, and the loss of erotica thrillers.


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