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Our Trucksploitation adventure continues, but the road gets a whole lot bumpier. Plus, we review the (almost) excellent “Godforsaken”.

Road Train

When we talked about doing Trucksploitation Month, we never thought it would give us the awesomeness that last week’s episode provided. The downside to such a hot start is that there seems to be no place to go but down.


Trucksploitation Month continues. 

Road Train  — or Road Kill depending on what side of the ocean you are on — is a 2010 horror movie from Australia that also surprised us. It has more depth than this type of move usually does while delivering on the horror.

So why don’t more people talk about it? We have some ideas.

Then it’s on to our new release spotlight review. 

Found footage is one of horror’s most popular sub-genres. It has become so entrenched in cinema that point-of-view scenes are common in many blockbusters. Even bad found-footage will keep audiences engrossed. And these types of films have lots of issues. From having unlikeable characters to taking too long to get things started, found footage films embrace their problems instead of moving on from them.

Except in Godforsaken (2022).


(Actually, its three main characters are the dirt worst.)

It wastes no time, gives audiences a unique story, and creates a genuine sense of dread. The story is a creepy one that examines religion, our fear of death, and how much we need to believe in something.

At first, it seems like one of the best things we have seen this year. What made our opinions change so drastically by the time the final credits had rolled? Did the writers use up all their ideas or did they just give up?

Fans of horror will initially enjoy Godforsaken, but even those who love found footage will have trouble forgiving where the story ended up.

We also try to talk about Bill Skarsgard being cast in The Crow. But first, we have to talk about the original movie, its soundtrack, the sequels, how it made black nail polish cool, Sting, and high school.

You can catch Road Train (2010) for free on Tubi, and Godforsaken is now available to rent on Amazon. 


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