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We conclude Summer Horror Month by discussing the recently released sci-fi thriller “Sea Fever”; plus a look at the inexplicable “Nemesis”.


We have covered some strange, disturbing, and downright awful movies this year. But none have been as confusing as Nemesis. This home invasion/crime thriller/WTF does not seem to know who it is for, has a simultaneously odd and just plain bad ending, and has what may be the weirdest nude scene of all time. Plus, Summer Horror Month comes to a close with a look at Sea Fever.


The Wheel of Time is the greatest fantasy series of all time. The Amazon series has been in the works for years and a release date was finally released. We talk about how it compares to the Lord of the Rings and Game of Thrones and how faithful it will be to the source material. We also talk about the once proud Predator franchise.

If you take the past fifty movies you have watched, three or four of them will be really good, another three of four will be particularly bad, and the rest will fall somewhere in the middle. Nemesis is a movie that defies categorization. We talk about one of the strangest nude scenes of all time, what type of audience the movie was aiming for, and some really odd twists.

Finally, we conclude Summer Horror Month here on Adventures in Movies.

We started Summer Horror month at The Beach House and we ended up with Sea Fever. The film takes the oft-seen theme of science versus superstition and takes it out to sea. We discuss its gooey special effects, the way in which the movie handled romance, and the story’s unintentional parallels to today’s world.

Sea Fever is available to watch in the U.S. on Hula, Hoopla, and Kanopy. Watch the trailer here


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