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This week on Adventures in Movies, we take a listener request for our review spotlight plus dive into the unsettling new release “Lair”.

Lair (2021)

There is a lot going on in this episode. The hunt to replace Blake continues. Can this week’s guest remedy the damage caused by Pablo’s audition last week? We also have a listener request from The Sun City Fright Fest: 2017’s Terrified from Argentina. Plus, we look at an inappropriate horror movie from the United Kingdom.


As always, we begin with a discussion of the latest and greatest horror news.

Bruce Campbell is an undeniable horror icon. Hallmark Holiday movies have also left their own impression on cinema. What would happen if the two came together? We speak about the upcoming One Night in December, which aims to answer those questions. Which one of us will have a full report ready for next week?

We then move on to our featured review. 

Lair sounds familiar enough to be fun. A man slaughters his family and blames it on demonic possession. It seems like a pretty straightforward tale of what is and is not true. Instead, it becomes the wrong kind of creepy, never can figure out what kind of movie it wants to be, and prides itself on things it never really accomplishes. But is it worth seeing?

Terrified (2017)

Finally, it’s time for our movie spotlight. 

We are especially excited for this one because it’s a listener request, and one that takes us to Argentina and a look at Terrified.

This is another movie that seems to forget about the initial premise in lieu of a different story. We talk about how it is like an anthology, the American influence on it, and the time jumps in narratives.

Plus, we discuss the film’s odd connection to Fear Street.

You can stream Terrified right now on Shudder or AMC Plus. Lair is now available to rent on most VOD platforms. 


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