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Alter celebrates five years as the premium platform for high-quality horror shorts with a killer curated watchlist and special live events.


August marks five years that the amazing Altar has been bringing you the most disturbing, mind-bending, and highest-quality horror shorts.

If you aren’t regularly visiting Alter on YouTube and subscribed to receive weekly updates when killer new shorts drop, you’re seriously missing out. Not only are you depriving yourself of some of the coolest short-form horror content around, but you’re missing the chance to discover the next big thing in filmmaking, like Altar filmmaker Bishal Dutta, whose upcoming new feature It Lives Inside has been setting the festival circuit ablaze and is poised to be one of the year’s biggest indie horror hits (it’s phenomenal; read our review here).

Check out Dutta’s chilling short Inferno right here.

If you’re new to Alter, a great place to start is with the Alter staff picks playlist, where you’ll find a must-see compilation of the team’s favorite short films over the years — from spine-chilling horror to stories that will make you laugh to hide the fear — it’s all here. And you only need a few minutes out of your day to enjoy these bite-size horror treats that pack quite a punch in their short runtimes.

And if you’re a horror fan who also loves dark and thrilling sci-fi stories, you’ll definitely want to check out Alter’s sister site Dust, with many tales just as terrifying as the traditional horror frights.


Encounter: UFO (August 26)

Speaking of sci-fi goodness, you’re invited to uncover “out of this world” mysteries during the Encounter: UFO marathon on DUST on TV. Are extraterrestrials with us? Just see for yourself in this gripping show full of footage, interviews, and reenactments of individuals’ close encounters. The truth is out there; tune in on August 26th to find it.

Your Wish is Our Command (August 26)

On August 26, you can also take part in a totally bonkers binge fest of the Wishmaster tetralogy on ALTER’s free ad-supported linear television channel. Don’t (or do) look now; evil genie mode has been activated with ALTER on TV!

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