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We kick off the new year in the best possible way — with laughs and horror — right alongside our special guest, comedian David Tveite.

David Tveite


Delve into the spooky universe of Blumhouse movies and unravel the mysteries of Pontypool (see #25 in the Morbidly Beautiful best of “Deadly Viruses” list) with our special guest, comedian David Tveite. 

David Tviete is a writer and comedian residing in Portland, Oregon. He’s appeared on NBC’s Last Comic Standing and performed at festivals across the country. Drawing from an overactive imagination and a keen sense of the absurd, David’s material is clever, self-deprecating, and cheerfully pessimistic.

Another Goddamn Horror Podcast blends horror insights with comedic flair, offering a unique take on the genre. Join us for a thrilling ride filled with scares, laughter, and exclusive behind-the-scenes insights.

In this episode, we talk about the state of mainstream Hollywood cinema and the problem with big-budget productions that must appeal to the masses. We compare that to the value of indie distributors like Blumhouse, who empower their filmmakers to make undiluted and uncompromised art while providing an opportunity for new auteurs, like Mike Flanagan and Jordan Peele, to gain a platform.

We debate the value of Halloween Kills, make the case for a Halloween III: Season of the Witch remake, and discuss the strange allure of the Saw franchise. We also sing the praises of the Prime Video show Reacher, with its great casting, and the underseen Banshee on Max, starring Anthony Starr (Homelander from The Boys). Plus, we celebrate the genius of Ari Aster and gripping arthouse horror but also how much we sometimes appreciate the kind of horror that is soulless but a helluva lot of fun.

We asked David Tviete to tell us what horror movie influenced his tastes the most, and his answers did not disappoint. We also asked him what horror film he’d most like to remove from existence, and we got a surprising (but not unfair) answer citing a rare miss from a horror master.

Are ghosts real? How about aliens? Alien ghosts? Tune in to find out!

If you’re a horror enthusiast or comedy lover, this episode is a must-listen.


Another Goddamn Horror Podcast

This conversational horror podcast focuses on guests from all artistic walks of the genre. The goal is to nerd out on horror with fun people, have fun, and promote the work of indie artists, filmmakers, and creators.

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