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CryptTV is one ambitious endeavor, and it’s one I personally appreciate greatly. Launched in 2014 and spearheaded by Splatpack member Eli Roth, CryptTV specializes in free short form horror based content. Working with relatively rookie filmmakers to create shorts, shows and trailers, the wonderful weirdos at CryptTV provide a forum for emerging talent to showcase their work and gain experience and exposure.

Guided by its motto #WeirdIsGood, the online horror provider seeks likeminded fans and creators to share the dark, edgy and different stories that bind us. Reveling in individuality, the platform proudly exclaims to “be a part of the movement that celebrates who you are.”

With the eclectic assortment of content available on CryptTVs YouTube channel, it’s a safe bet you’ll find something that suits your personal tastes. Just as eclectic as the content are the 14 featured artists responsible for the handful of series and shorts. They consist of writers, cinematographers, actors, directors and animators.

Michael Gaston Bitar works in development at Sony and is a veracious freelance writer. The overachieving humanitarian, Josh Vanbuskirk, has a passion for documentary filmmaking, directing, producing and editing the series ‘A Little Different’. Another nifty little series available — involving revenge, death and child predators — is entitled ‘Violet’ created by Emily DiPrimio. The nine episode series of shorts written and directed by Emily shows some real promise in my opinion. If psychotic mimes are more up your alley, be sure to check out ‘Choose Their Kill’. You’ll also find good old fashioned scares in just 60 seconds on “One Minute Horror’ and folks sharing their most frightening real life moments in ‘Real Scare’. For the amount of free content available on the CryptTV YouTube channel, I’m extremely surprised at how many people haven’t taken a gander at the genre goodness.

It’s remarkable in my mind, that such a collaborative effort was initiated by one of the most successful and wonderfully demented directors in the industry — giving us fans continuous free entertainment, but more importantly, championing the fledgling creator and offering unparalleled opportunities. Ambitious and unique ideas have the potential to give way on not only YouTube, but Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and Snapchat.

If you’re like us here at Morbidly Beautiful and are proud to proclaim that #weirdisgood, be sure to check out some of the amazing content available from the CryptTV family and support aspiring creators and the future of the genre. 


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