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Get ready for the spooky movie marathon season by organizing your watch list and sharing recommendations with friends via the Queue app.

Over on my Instagram page, I recently cooed about a new entertainment app I discovered, thanks to a dear friend turning me on to it. In the short time since she convinced me to download the Queue app, I’ve become obsessed. And while I was eager to share with my movie-loving friends on social, I realized I needed to expand that audience.

So, here I am telling you why I consider the Queue app an absolutely essential app for anyone who loves movies and television.

Before diving in, let me assure you that I am not compensated for spreading the word about this app. I just love it and think there’s a good chance you will, too. Let me tell you why.

How often do you find yourself being exposed to horror films and television shows you think sound interesting and worth checking out? How often does a friend recommend something to you and insist you watch it immediately because they’re convinced you’ll love it? How often do you see a trailer online or in the theater that looks great? How often do you read a review on a site like this and think, “That sounds right up my alley.”

Now, how often do you remember and follow up on all these great recommendations and cool-looking trailers, posters, and plot synopses?

If you’re like me, more often than not, you try to make a mental but immediately forget about it as you are inundated with a million new pieces of information each passing minute.

What’s more, how often do you find yourself in the mood for a great new movie or television show, but you a) can’t remember the neverending list of titles you’ve been “planning” to watch and b) can’t pick an option from your lengthy list and thus end up giving up or just rewatching something you’ve seen a million times before?

For me, it’s ALL. THE. TIME.

This is where Queue comes in to help people like me and maybe you. 

I call Queue crack for cinephiles. It helps you keep your watch list organized, lets you get recommendations from others based on what you like, reminds you to check out your favorites, tells you where to stream, and even includes a random wheel you can spin to pick a movie from your watch list automatically.

I absolutely love that last feature. No more painful decisions. No more analysis paralysis. I don’t have to add a list of movies or do any heavy lifting. It’s all right there. In seconds, I have a random recommendation from all the movies and shows I’ve told the app I want to see. And if it happens to land on something I’m not quite in the mood for, it’s super easy to just spin again.

If you are someone who keeps track of things you’re interested in on Notepad on your phone, it’s ridiculously easy to copy and paste that list into Queue. It will automatically sort it for you, including all the film details: plot, poster, trailer, category, run time, and where you can watch.

That “where to watch” feature is the coolest. I can easily see where I can stream any film in my queue and if it’s a free or paid option.

You can select all your current streaming services when you first load up the app. Then you’ll get custom recommendations based on those platforms. You can see movies and shows based on what’s most popular on the top platforms and in theaters, what’s coming soon that you want to make sure you don’t miss, Oscar-nominated films, and new releases.

There’s also a social component, which I absolutely love. 

This allows you to connect with your friends and share watch lists and recommendations. You can help others discover great new content, which is so satisfying, and you can also get inspired based on what your friends are adding to their queue. I’ve already had several instances of, “Oh, crap, I forgot about that one!” after viewing a friend’s queue.

It’s super easy to search for titles and users. So far, there hasn’t been a single title I’ve searched for that wasn’t available, so the database appears to be massive.

I’ve been slowly building up my queue. Whenever I see a great recommendation on social media or read a review from one of my writers, I add it to my queue, so I don’t forget. And after you watch a film, you can give it a quick thumbs up or down and review it if you’d like to help others navigate their personal watch list.

If I see someone has added a film I’ve seen, I can leave them a comment like, “This is a great film; I think you’ll love it!” And they can do the same for me. Someone just did this, in fact. I added Pearl to my queue, and one of my friends told me how great it was.

If you love horror and other fringe cinema, or just consider yourself a cinephile, there’s a good chance we may have a lot in common. I’d love it if you’d add me to your queue, and I’d be delighted to add you. You’ll find me as Angy Princess (@srgreenhaw).

This app is absolutely perfect for helping you with your upcoming Halloween horror prep. Go get it!