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The Encyclopedia of Horror

Gift the horror fan in your life the “ultimate guide to all things scary” with the visually impressive and informative “The Encyclopedia Of Horror”.

Still in search of another thoughtful holiday gift idea for that horror lover in your life? I believe Centennial Media can assist you in this endeavor with one of their latest special editions, The Encyclopedia Of Horror.

Now, the title may suggest a massive volume that empties your wallet, but that isn’t the case here at all. To be honest, it isn’t necessarily an encyclopedia in the traditional sense, it’s more of a compact yet comprehensive collection of horror in cinema, television and literature.

The Encyclopedia Of Horror is 97 pages of beautiful, glossy full color spreads that highlight the rise of the Scream Queens, Universal Monsters, George A. Romero and even noting the modern contributions made by Blumhouse.

The evolution of the Vampire in horror is discussed, as well as Stephen King and the psychology of Slasher films. The Encyclopedia may be an abridged edition but it’s pretty damn passionate on the topics within its pages. Wonderful quotes from filmmakers and actors add some interesting, authentic perspectives to light, making way for a fun and informative read.  It’s impressive with how much they do touch upon within this special edition printing.

Rounding out the content in The Encyclopedia Of Horror is a Top 13 listing and a ‘Timeline Of Terror’ — a quick reference guide to the sub genres and the releases of notable films. It’s kind of nifty, and all of this combines to be a great addition to any horror fans collection, young or old.

It’s perfect as a table book, as it always initiates an in-depth discussion on horror with guests who flip through the contents. And that right there, is the gift that keeps on giving. 

You can purchase your copy of this inexpensive but invaluable horror reference guide on Amazon.

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