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After bringing you 40 of the best indie genre films of 2020, here are five more hidden treasures from the year that deserve to be uncovered.

Last month, our writers celebrated Flashback February with a look back at the best genre content of 2020. One of my favorite features was the collaborative article highlighting the 40 Best Indie Horror Films of 2020. It was an incredible, comprehensive list of standout films from the world of indie horror — many of which may have flown under your radar. This inspired me to share five of my personal favorites from 2020, not previously covered by my fellow writers.

(Side note: The Wolf of Snow Hollow was one of my favorites from the year. It was already featured in our previous “Best Of” list, so I didn’t include it here. But it’s touching, sharp, biting, funny, and suspenseful; a definite winner. You can rent it on most VOD platforms, and it’s well worth the small cost.)

If you’re still looking for more great genre gems to catch up on, these five lesser known films are readily available to stream — and very deserving of a watch. 

1. Spree

Joe Keery (Stranger Things) stars as an affable and charismatic yet unremarkable rideshare driver whose quest for internet fame and popularity on social media leads him on the drive of his life in this satirical black comedy. And you won’t want to miss sitting shotgun on this fast-paced, hilarious, and bloody ride.

Where to Watch: Available to stream on Hulu

2. Uncle Peckerhead

When horror and comedy blend seamlessly it’s so satisfying, and Uncle Peckerhead doesn’t disappoint. This ridiculous story of a young, ambitious punk band heading out on their first tour would be fairly uneventful except for the fact that their roadie, an older man who lets the broke, carless group borrow his van to tote their equipment, happens to be a flesh-eating demon.

Where to Watch: Available to stream on Prime Video, or free with ads on Vudu Free or Tubi

3. Followed

A YouTuber named DropTheMike (a standout performance by Matthew Solomon as a Logan Paul-type) investigates haunted locations and crime scenes on his channel in this found footage flick. On Halloween weekend, he takes his crew to the notorious scene of some creepy crimes, the Hotel Lennox (based on the real-life Cecil Hotel in Los Angeles and its dark history). What starts as harmless fun to gain more subscribers quickly descends into true terror in this well-done low-budget film that will have you wanting to turn the lights on by the end.

Where to Watch: Available to stream on Prime Video

4. Becoming

Engaged couple Alex and Lisa (Toby Kebbell, Penelope Mitchell) embark on a cross-country road trip to introduce Alex to Lisa’s parents, but on the way there, Alex encounters something far more sinister than Lisa’s disapproving mother. Plagued by a slight case of demon possession, the scares mount as Lisa desperately tries to figure out how to save the man she loves – and herself – from something truly terrifying (bonus: Jeff Daniel Phillips in a memorable small role).

Where to Watch: Available to stream on Prime Video, Epix, Hoopla, fuboTV, DIRECTV, or for free with ads on Tubi TV, Pluto TV, and VUDU Free

5. Bit

A quartet of queer LA vamps rarely invites in new meat, but when group leader Duke (Diana Hopper) meets out-of-towner Laurel (Nicole Maines) in a bar, she’s intrigued. Turns out these gore girls don’t just feed on anyone — they zero in on men. Bad ones. But this vigilante vampire movie isn’t sexist. And hey, the idea that women could have the same power and control over their safety that men have, even if they have to be bloodthirsty killers to do so? It’s appealing, I can’t lie. Bit is fang-sharp and fun as hell.

Where to Watch: Available for free on Hoopla and Tubi

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