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“Everyone Will Burn” is an atmospheric Spanish supernatural film with an intriguing premise and impressive visual aesthetics.

Everyone Will Burn (Y todos arderán) is a Spanish supernatural film that, while hard to pin down at times, effectively explores human nature’s dark and mysterious side.

Directed by David Hebrero, this thriller attempts to generate suspense and fear through its intriguing plotline and eerie atmosphere. Drawing parallels to The Omen‘s escalating dread and the grandiosity of films like End of Days.

The story revolves around a remote village in Leon, Spain, where inexplicable incidents and sinister occurrences start to haunt its inhabitants. As tensions rise and paranoia takes hold, the villagers must confront their deepest fears and uncover the secrets that connect them before it’s too late.

Relying heavily on suspense and supernatural elements, the film offers a unique take on the genre, driven by its Spanish cultural backdrop.

The standout feature of the film is its visually striking art house-style cinematography.

The director skillfully balances atmospheric shots of the somber Spanish countryside with intense close-ups, creating a sense of unease and immersing the audience in the eerie events.

The color palette throughout the film enhances the dark and moody atmosphere, effectively setting the tone for the unfolding supernatural story.

The film’s pacing, however, is a mixed bag.

While it maintains a consistent level of tension, some parts could benefit from tighter editing to enhance the overall pacing. This story would have played out better as a TV or mini-series rather than a feature film. Certain scenes tend to drag on, causing a minor disconnect with the audience’s engagement. Additionally, additional development of certain characters would have further enriched the narrative, providing more emotional investment for the viewers.

The performances in Everyone Will Burn are commendable, with the cast successfully conveying the fear and paranoia plaguing their characters, particularly toward main character Maria Jose, played by Macarena Gómez (also of 30 Coins), and Lucia, played by Sofia Garcia.

Gómez’s portrayal of an emotionally traumatized and somewhat psycho divorcee turned babysitter carried the film.

The supporting cast’s chemistry and interactions with Gomez and Garcia were genuine and, at times, intense, grounding the film’s supernatural elements in a relatable human experience.

Another aspect worth mentioning is the film’s sound design, which heightens the sense of dread and creates an eerie ambiance. The haunting musical score effectively complements the cinematography, enhancing the suspense and building tension throughout key sequences.

David Hebrero’s direction successfully creates a chilling atmosphere, drawing viewers into a world of mystery and suspense. Though marred by occasional pacing issues and underdeveloped characters, the film remains an engaging, albeit flawed, addition to the genre.

Fans of supernatural thrillers with a distinctive cultural flavor will likely enjoy this gripping cinematic experience.

Overall Rating (Out of 5 Butterflies): 3
Everyone Will Burn is in theaters now (starting December 1st) in select markets (NYC, LA, Austin). It will arrive on digital platforms on December 5th.

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