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The show proudly welcomes popular comedian Emmett Montgomery alongside his festive alter ego, Sugar Plum Gary, to usher in the holiday season.

Sugar Plum Gary


On this Jingle Ballin’ episode, the Goddamn Red Noses welcome Emmett Montgomery and his Holiday Spirit-possessed character Sugar Plum Gary! On the heels of his upcoming Seattle live event, available on Zoom, we talk all things holidays. Movies, Santa Claus, Jewish Stuff, Mormon Stuff, Seattle stuff, and a whole lot more. What an absolutely fun show. Come on down our chimney and check it out! Grandpa’s got into the Schnapps!

Emmett Montgomery is a Utah-born/Seattle-based comedian who was voted Best Seattle Comedian by Seattle Weekly three times and has been a mainstay on the comedy circuit, including featuring in Season 9 of NBC’s Last Comic Standing, appearing on nationally celebrated podcasts and festivals, and working with the storytelling organization, The Moth. He is known for his strangeness, his warmth, and his beard.

Sugar Plum Gary is a character created by Montgomery. A bushy-bearded man who wears red footie pajamas, he describes himself as a ‘Santanist’. Gary is possessed by the ancient, mystical force that is Santa Claus. The character combines holiday cheer with a touch of Lovecraftian horror; he envisions Yuletide as “more Lovecraft than Dickens.”

Sugar Plum Gary has performed at 18th & Union Performing Arts in Seattle, WA, for the past seven years. Tickets are pay-what-you-can, ranging from $10–$50. Virtual shows are also available, so don’t miss it!


Another Goddamn Horror Podcast was invited to one of the top stand-up comedy festivals in this country, Altercation Fest! So Ryan and Jonas (Graham was busy cutting the sleeves off his shirts and missed his flight) headed to Austin, Texas, the home base of Morbidly Beautiful, to talk horror with some of their favorite comedians and Austin locals.

They sat down with Austin horror expert Alyssa Miller to discuss everything from Creature From The Black Lagoon to the happy-go-lucky August Underground trilogy. They also chatted with all-around awesome human Quinn Walker and talked about his favorite kills, as well as legendary stand-up comedian and former Man Show writer Andy Andrist (his opinions are his own!) about Psycho 3. Finally, to top it all off, they got cozy with Santa Cruz comedian Mac Ruiz to dig into found footage favorite As Above So Below.


Another Goddamn Horror Podcast

This conversational horror podcast focuses on guests from all artistic walks of the genre. The goal is to nerd out on horror with fun people, have fun, and promote the work of indie artists, filmmakers, and creators.

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