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Help support the new feminist exploitation film “Ice Cream Baby” on Indiegogo; it promises to be a fun, sexy, and gory feature film.

Sugar Rot Ice Cream Baby

Sugar Rot Productions, a female-run production company, is seeking funding on Indiegogo for their upcoming film, “Ice Cream Baby.” The film is directed and written by Becca Kozak, an edgy exploitation filmmaker known for her dark humor, punk rock sensibilities, and graphic violence.

“Ice Cream Baby” is a fun, sexy, and gory film with a feminist underbelly. The film follows the story of Candy, a girl who is raped by an ice cream man and becomes host to a mutant baby. When she starts to turn into ice cream, she is commodified by the men around her as something to be consumed. In the end, her lover consumes her completely.

Sugar Rot Productions is seeking $10,000 to complete the film, submit it to film festivals, and cover post-production costs.

“Ice Cream Baby” is a groundbreaking feminist exploitation film that defies genre.

It promises to challenge traditional gender roles and power dynamics while also delivering on the exploitation genre’s promise of blood, gore, and dark humor.

But this film isn’t just about subverting expectations; it’s also a statement on how women’s bodies are commodified and consumed by men in our society. The image of a woman turning into ice cream is a powerful metaphor for how society often views women as objects to be consumed and disposed of.

By presenting this concept in an over-the-top exploitation film, “Ice Cream Baby” aims to draw attention to these issues and encourage discussions about gender, power, and objectification.

Ice Cream Baby

With Becca Kozak at the helm, the production company is confident that this movie will be her breakthrough hit. Her experience creating successful shorts and a feature-length documentary about female horror directors speaks for itself.

As a thank you to supporters, the production company is offering a range of perks that showcase their unique style and sense of humor, including limited-edition Sugar Rot pint containers, behind-the-scenes footage, and props from the movie.

Sugar Rot Productions invites supporters to join them in bringing “Ice Cream Baby” to life and become a part of their cult following today.

For more information and to contribute to the Indiegogo campaign, visit

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