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Destination Horror

Home is where the horror is, and these 13 spooky destinations will make your horror heart feel at home even while far away on vacation.

Destination Horror

In the debut of the Zombie Girl Guide, I shared 13 horror films that could make you rethink your Summer vacation plans. But assuming you still have a healthy dose of wanderlust and are looking for something a little different for your next vacation, this list has you covered. I found 13 horrifically unusual places across the globe to entice your black horror hearts into traveling! From haunted houses to crypts, themed hotels, ghost towns, horror film locations and mental hospitals. There is something for every fan of the macabre.

I love to travel, and I adore the macabre. In years past, I didn’t have a lot of choices of cool locations. They were out there, of course, but it was hard to find them. Now with the internet and Airbnb, there is an abundance of horror vacations just waiting for weirdos like me (and you) to visit and play. I originally thought to make this a summer vacation story, but many of these locations are better with a dark and stormy ambiance. Visit them whatever time of the year works for you. I have been to a few of these, but most are still on my bucket list. This will not be my last; I hope to write many of these lists and start checking the places off, one by bloody one.

Please enjoy The Zombie Girl’s Guide to 13 Horror Vacations to Die For!