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For Mother’s Day, I look at 20 of my favorite kick ass and terrifying matriarchal progenitors — the most beloved and dysfunctional mothers of horror.

The word mother is usually associated with a devoted, nurturing caregiver; a person you can count on to love their children unconditionally. But in maternal horror films, these women can be a person to fear — either because someone is threatening their offspring in some way, they aren’t who you think they are, or they are actually a danger to their own children.

When I started making the list, I was astounded. So many wonderfully creepy mothers! There are way too many maternal horror films to be in just one article. So, I picked my top 20 horror film and TV moms. I hope some of your favs are on here — and possibly (hopefully) some you have not seen before.

As a mom who quite often dresses like a zombie and writes horror reviews, I feel I am qualified to pick some equally bad ass mommies. Enjoy!

Disclaimer: These mommy dearests are not presented in any order of importance. They are all different; some demented, irreverent monsters, and many are just protecting their babies by whatever means they feel is necessary. 




There were so many moms that did not make the final list, but I feel they all deserve to be remembered. These are horror moms to be cherished, too!

  • Ingrid Magnussen – White Oleander
  • Vera Cosgrove – Dead Alive
  • Erica Sayers – Black Swan
  • Beverly Sutphin – Serial Mom
  • Mother – mother!
  • Hattie – Sybil
  • Joyce Byers -Stranger Things
  • She – Antichrist
  • Mama Firefly – House of a Thousand Corpses
  • Natalie Koffin- Mother’s Day
  • Nola Carveth – The Brood
  • Rosemary – Rosemary’s Baby
  • Mama – Mama

And oh yeah, have you called your mother today?

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