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It’s that time of year to start preparing for your Summer vacation. But beware! These 13 horror films prove you may be better off staying home.

Summer Vacation

It’s almost summer! Time for sun, fun and travel. As a horror lover, I have a crazy list of scary films that I can vicariously go on a summer vacation with, any time of year.

Oddly enough (to me, anyway) I know a lot of people that are afraid of going on vacations; the fear of the unknown, I suppose. The vacation from hell horror films exist to entertain, but also to show us the dangers lurking around every corner — and why we probably should stay home in the safety of our little cocoons. Who knows how many bad things almost happen to us, and we are just plain lucky?

I look at horror films as a reminder to pay attention to my surroundings, to avoid walking down dark alleys, to never be alone in strange places, to research my destinations; basically, try not to be a victim. But many folks are just more comfortable staying home. So, if you can’t (or are too afraid to) go anywhere this hot sultry summer, I hope that at least you can enjoy vacationing in Zombie Girl fashion.

Here are thirteen adventures off my long summer vacation horror list, in no particular order of importance. Please enjoy them, and have a good trip, but don’t forget to wear sunscreen!

I know there are so many more films in this genre. I might even have to make another list. But in the meantime — be careful, plan ahead and have a wonderful summer vacation!

Coming up next: The Zombie Girl Guide to real life horror destinations!

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