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The perfect Halloween Horror movie night should be as much about fun as fear — the perfect mix of giggles and gore, comedy and chills.

Editor’s Note: I asked several of my writers to program the perfect Halloween movie marathon, each selecting five horror films they consider essential viewing.

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1. HOCUS POCUS (1993)

Hocus Pocus

I love to start Halloween with a classic kid friendly film. This film is perfect to start the night if you have little ones watching with you. By the time the good stuff starts, they should be asleep! This film has a rich story, laughs and even some musical numbers.

2. TRICK R TREAT (2007)

Trick R Treat

This film is a must for Halloween. Not only is it set on Halloween night, but it features many popular things that people do on Halloween, like trick or treating, Halloween parties and pumpkin carving. I love how this film has many unique stories that all weave together at the end.

3. CHILD’S PLAY (1988)

Child's Play

I mean, how could I NOT watch Child’s Play? While it’s not set on Halloween, it is creepy enough to deserve a spot on my list. With plenty of suspenseful death scenes, this makes a great choice. If you want more possessed doll fun, Child’s Play is a series with 7 films and almost all of them are worth it. (I’m not a fan of Seed of Chucky…they ruined him.)

4. ORPHAN (2009)


I love this movie. This has great characters and a truly terrifying plot. I felt bad for the characters towards the end of the film, which goes to show how even horror films can have well written characters that really have you empathizing with them. This is edge of your seat goodness that is perfect for Halloween night.


Shaun of the Dead

I love to end the night with a good comedy to wind things down. What is better than a horror comedy like Shaun of the Dead? This film has plenty of zombie killing and big laughs that will be perfect to end the perfect Halloween movie marathon.

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