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This Week in Horror: Play with Brahms again, go on The Hunt, head to Derry to add to your vinyl collection, and travel from the Upside Down to Russia.

It may be a new decade, but it seems everything old is new again. So, of course, we have more reboot news. We’ve also got plenty of killer recommendations for vinyl lovers toy collectors, and Blu-ray enthusiasts. Plus, find out what must see horror films you’ll want to catch in theaters and on demand. Finally, we’ve got a great chance for you to make your voice heard in support of horror. Check out all this week’s news.


The sequel to The Boy sees Katie Holmes stepping in as a mother moving her family to Heelshire Mansion, unknowing of what took place there in the past. What will happen when her son discovers Brahms and digs up the history of Heelshire? Will her son befriend Brahms and begin a new nightmare? Check out the final trailer before the movie hits theaters this Friday.


The Dark Red follows the story of a woman who claims she knows of a secret society that harvests certain people’s blood. This blood has the rare effect of allowing them to hear others’ thoughts. She’s been committed to a hospital, obviously, but she claims her child is one of the few with the special blood type since she herself carries a powerful strain of this so-called blood. Is she telling the truth or is she just insane? See for yourself in March.


Chances are you’ve already heard about The Hunt. There is a lot of anticipation and excitement building for this part satire/part suspense film, so hopefully it will deliver. The Jason Blum-produced film sounds a bit like The Purge except everyone is trapped in a clearing. Twelve people are chosen to be hunted, but one of them turns the tables on the hunters, making the game even more interesting as the hunters become the hunted. Oscar winner Hillary Swank (Million Dollar Baby) and GLOW star Betty Gilpin star in this fast-paced film.


See the first trailer for thriller Fox Hunt Drive, which plays on one of today’s worst fears: picking up a dangerous fare as a ride-share driver. Alison is driver whose last passenger of the night harbors some possibly deadly secrets that may put her in unexpected danger. This movie will lead you on a thrilling adventure that won’t let up and keeps you on the edge of your seat.


We don’t know much yet, but cult classic Clue is coming back to solve another mystery. The original film starring Tim Curry was released in 1985. This new version stars Ryan Reynolds and will also be produced by Reynolds’ company, Maximum Effort. Writers for Deadpool are on board, which is definitely a good sign.


In even more reboot news, Urban Legend is getting dusted off after finding a director for the new version of the popular 1998 movie. This version is set to be a more modern update of the movie that took place on a college campus, where students were killed off in ways that mimicked old urban legends. Will Alicia Witt or Rebecca Gayheart show up for this one? We hope so!


We took a short trip to Russia this week with a new teaser trailer for Stranger Things season 4. The end of season 3 left us all teary-eyed as we were faced with the idea of possibly losing beloved Chief Jim Hopper (David Harbour). However, at our first glance of Season 4, we see Hopper emerge alive and bare-headed in the Russian snow after the final showdown at the mall left us grieving Billy and wondering if Hopper was a casualty, too, or maybe just caught in the Upside Down. It appears Hopper is now a Russian hostage, so how will he get back to Hawkins? We don’t know yet, but word is we’ll find out sometime this year, possibly in December or even January 2021.


On March 17, monster fans can get their hands on Volume 4 of the Universal Horror Collection. This special edition from Scream Factory will include a ton of special extras, such as new audio commentary, still galleries, trailers, and an added featurette. Enjoy films like Night Key, Night Monster, The Climax, and more with iconic horror actors including Bela Lugosi and Boris Karloff. ORDER HERE:


Enjoy a brand-new deluxe limited edition of Freakmaker on Blu-ray. Rejoin the legendary sideshow of Todd Browning’s Freaks with this updated, modern take on the film starring Donald Pleasence (Halloween) as a botanist that creates his own mutants by mixing humans with plants to terrifying results. The beautiful art of Basil Gogos decorates this limited edition slipcover that comes with two postcards featuring old and new artwork. The new scan features the film as it’s never been seen before. ORDER HERE:

Streaming Suggestions


Did you enjoy Horror Noire, an in-depth, fascinating behind the scenes look at African Americans in horror on Shudder? If so, dig deeper with this newly released version of the film, which has added bonus features like additional stories and insights. You won’t want to miss this, and it’s a great way to celebrate Black History Month this year. Stream it now on Shudder.


A terrifying commentary on the digital era, Like Me is the story of a lonely girl who gains attention by broadcasting her crime spree on social media. In an age where many people feel disconnected and alone, this horrifying and dramatic story rings true, which also makes it hard to watch. Check out this gem of a film from 2017 produced by Larry Fessenden, who also brought us the amazing Depraved (now on Hulu). Check out Like Me on Shudder.


Fans of the horror genre rejoice. Horror god Rob Zombie and Shudder have joined forces on an exclusive streaming deal for his latest film 3 From Hell. This story follows Baby Firefly, Captain Spaulding, and Otis Driftwood as they escape from prison and continue their path of hellish destruction. This is the conclusion to the grisly tale that started when a group of friends happened upon the wrong fried chicken shack and ended up suffering fates worse than death. Horror fans have shown a strong attraction to the murderous family and many were sad to hear of Sid Haig’s (Captain Spaulding) unfortunate passing. All 3 films in this ghastly trilogy act as a tribute to this great man’s work. – Dylan Russ

Killer Stuff


There have been a few special editions of super sized Funko POPs, including an Oogie Boogie and a Marshmallow Man. Now, Funko brings oversized terror to collectors in the form of the 6″ Starship Troopers “Tanker Bug” figure. If you’re one of the die hard Starship Troopers fans who couldn’t live without last year’s Funko Pop! release of Johnny Rico (which you can still get right here on Amazon), you’ll definitely want to add this massive arachnid to your collection. For now, that means heading to the Emerald City Comic Con, as this limited edition figure is an ECCC exclusive.



There’s been a rights war over the Friday franchise for a while now, so we haven’t seen much in the way of new material. However, we finally have something to get excited about. A brand-new Friday the 13th Blu-ray is set to release May 5th that includes the original film in all its uncut glory. Fans will also enjoy original poster art and a bevy of special features that make another trip back to Camp Crystal Lake worthwhile. Fans can preorder the 40th Anniversary Limited Edition Steelbook now for $14.99. It is set to ship on May 5th.



The classic score of the 1981 film gets a new look from Waxwork Records. This double album features the music from the famous film about a Valentine’s Day killer haunting a mining town. Combining synth and orchestral compositions, this record is sure to give you the chills. And the gorgeous red double album set will look simply to die for on your turntable. This is actually the first time this score has been released, so don’t wait to preorder your copy ahead of the drop in March. An added bonus: amazing artwork by noteworthy horror artist Gary Pullin! ORDER HERE:


You may not want a balloon, but if you’re a Pennywise fan you’ll definitely want this amazing triple album release of the soundtrack to the original film. Waxwork Records presents the complete soundtrack for the 1990 TV miniseries version of It. This Emmy Award-winning composition comes in two different color schemes and features artwork by Matt Ryan Tobin and premium deluxe packaging for the coolest collectible Derry has ever seen. It’s available now, and this is the first time this soundtrack has been released on vinyl. ORDER HERE:


Horror fans weren’t happy last weekend when genre icon Sid Haig was left out of the Oscars’ In Memoriam segment. Horror should get the recognition it deserves, and in light of that, fans have taken to the internet to petition for the return of the Horror Hall of Fame awards, which ran from 1990 to 1992 and recognized many of horror’s most famous directors, films, and behind-the-scenes creatives from all mediums. Make your voice heard by signing the petition and bringing horror out of the crypt and into the light again.

Stay tuned for more news as it develops. 

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