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On this week’s episode, George and his special guest discuss the short, experimental, highly influential film from Peter Tscherkassky, “Outer Space”.

A woman is terrorized by an invisible and aggressive force, in this experimental short formed from found footage from Hollywood. Outer Space was named one of the Greatest Films of All Time by BFI film magazine, and our guest calls it the “Best Horror Movie Ever Made”.


Episode 55: “Outer Space” with Quinn Armstrong (59 minutes)

This week in the Horror House, we’re breaking out (and just breaking) our VHS player, because Quinn Armstrong is here fresh off the feature debut of his film Survival Skills at Fantasia Fest! Plus, we talk about a unique entry into the horror house canon, an experimental short film from Peter Tscherkassky, Outer Space.

We start off talking about Quinn’s experience with horror and how he was a latecomer, not only to the genre but to film in general. We then discuss how his work in the theater world helped him move past common stylistic choices, like complete naturalism, to create art with surrealist elements while still maintaining an approachability. We talk about his influences and preferences for horror. Find out what drives him both as a creator and a genre fan.

We then dive into the origins of his own film, Survival Skills, as well as his time spent up close with victims of domestic abuse and the police force — and how that influenced the film.

Quinn Armstrong

We then dive into the power of short film, which is how Survival Skills began. This leads directly into his choice for the best horror movie ever made, Outer Space. We talk about Tscherkassky’s history and his discovery of experimental film, before getting into how Outer Space plays with our own knowledge of film while creating a visceral reaction and using the medium to help communicate the message.

We discuss the nature of originality, as Tscherkassky made a name by using the cast-off scraps of film and creating his own unique stories from them. You’ll hear our differing interpretations of the film and learn why it’s the best horror movie ever made!

Before diving into the episode, be sure to watch Outer Space for free on YouTube. 


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