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We scour the web to find the best online horror-themed slot games that promise to deliver hours of fun, so you can hit the entertainment jackpot.

Originally posted on May 3, 2018. Reposted on April 1, 2023, with edits.

The world of online slot games covers just about every genre you can imagine — from history to TV shows, to Japanese cookery, and all points in between. Horror has proved to be a popular choice on the part of slot game developers (and players), meaning that there is a huge selection of horror-themed online slots out there.

As with any slot gaming sub-set, the genre is no guarantee of quality, and there are some truly horrible horror-themed real money online slots around.

We have waded through the dross to locate 6 of the best horrific online slots for you, which you can play at sites like the best casino sites in the united arab emirates – see if you agree with our choices.


Who doesn’t love zombies? They are the staple of countless classic horror movies and the stars of the Lost Vegas slot game. You can choose to play with reels featuring regular humans or zombies (you know which you’re gonna pick) and spin to try and lock entertaining bonus games and features like the Blackout Bonus and the descriptively named Zombie Fist of Cash.


NetEnt’s vampire-themed slot is a stone-cold classic, whether you play the original or the re-vamped (pun intended) version. This is a game that is so friendly to players that a lot of casinos specifically exclude it from the games which qualify you to complete a bonus wagering requirement. There are two bonus games, and while you needn’t expect to retire on the proceeds from a win here, the smaller wins come fast and furious, which is probably why this is one undead slot game that will never die.


This online slot game is based on the classic horror movie of the same name from the 1970s featuring the iconic character of Michael Myers. Find scatter symbols to unlock the Trick or Treat Wheel, which has some major prizes on offer. The Boogeyman Bonus game is good fun, too, allowing you to search for cash prizes.


Is there anything quite so frightening as a creepy clown? The popularity of the movie ‘It’ last year suggests not, and the slot game Wicked Circus features a particularly sinister-looking joker. They may look evil, but when three of these show up, they present you with a mystery win of up to 6,000 coins. This game looks and sounds fantastic and has a few nice little wrinkles that separate it from the average online slot game.


NetEnt has released a few horror-themed slots based on old Universal Studios movies, and this Dracula slot honors the classic 1931 screen adaption of the famous vampiric tale. The brooding vampire sits to the left of the reels, occasionally exploding into a swarm of bats that traverse the reels to add clusters of a particular symbol.


When the moon is full, the hero of this slot game transforms into a werewolf — and it’s good news for the player, as the symbol also becomes a multiplier wild. This game also features a generous free spin round with multipliers, as well as a bonus game where you pick headstones at the cemetery to reveal cash prizes.

All of the games on our list offer some spooky thrills, and more importantly, all of them are a whole lot of fun to play. Check them out if you want to spice up your spinning.

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