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“Delivery” is a new horror short that truly delivers…with tasty frights, great visuals, and quality acting sure to satisfy horror fans.

I Love pizza. I also love pizza when it’s delivered to my house. I don’t have to go out and interact with multiple random people. I only have to interact, face to face that is, with ONE random person. The pizza delivery boy.

Waiting for that magical knock on the door that signals the pizza delivery boy has arrived is like waiting for Christmas. The only differences being you actual see Santa, or in this case the pizza delivery boy, and you GIVE him money for his efforts, unlike Santa who you just give stale cookies and sour milk.

One other notable difference between the fictitious Mr. Claus and the pizza delivery boy, however, is that unlike Santa the pizza delivery boy doesn’t necessarily want to enter your house. I know if I were a pizza delivery boy I wouldn’t. Something could happen!

In Chris Ashton’s latest short horror film Delivery, starring Brendan Schoenmaker and Gemma Tonkin, something DOES happen.

When the pizza delivery boy comes to deliver a pizza, he does not anticipate all the scary and supernatural things that will occur once he’s invited inside. But maybe he should have, especially after he sees a scary demon arm reach out of the darkness at the end of the hall. Or maybe, he should have been concerned after he sees the scary form with glowing eyes hiding in the closet. Either way, let’s just assume that if this pizza delivery boy got engaged, he wouldn’t anticipate getting married.

To start with, the acting in this one is very good. While the actions of one particular character (looking at you pizza delivery boy) aren’t very believable, they are very well executed. The effects in this short are also quite good, I would argue. Many people seem to nitpick the heavy use of CGI in this short. While I’ll admit that I’m not a huge fan of it, I recognize that this short was working on a limited budget — so I’m willing to give its heavy use a pass and recognize that it’s still quite effective.

The cinematography in this little short is also high quality. This is evident from the beginning.

I have no large critique for this short, except for the somewhat illogical actions of its protagonist (but this is horror, illogical acts drive this genre). It’s a very solid short horror film that does what it needs to do. It’s well paced, effectively suspenseful, and an all-around good time.

If you find that you have five minutes and 24 seconds on your hand, grab a slice of pizza (delivery, of course) and check out this rather tasty short (which you can watch below). 

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