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Now playing on the Morbidly Beautiful network: “Another Goddamn Horror Podcast” — celebrating the love of horror and the fierce indie spirit.

We are thrilled to welcome Another Goddamn Horror Podcast to the Morbidly Beautiful Network. This conversational horror podcast focuses on guests from all artistic walks of the genre. The goal is to nerd out on horror with fun people, have fun, and promote the work of indie artists, filmmakers, and creators.

We fell in love with the show because of their commitment to focusing on the voices that need to be heard the most: Independents and marginalized voices.

The show typically airs weekly and is hosted by three talented creatives/performers: Brooklyn artist and musician Graham, NY-based standup comedian and writer Jonas, and Oregan-based standup comedian and writer Ryan. All three are rabid horror fans. Graham’s favorite horror films are Texas Chainsaw Massacre and Alien. Recent favorites include You’re Next and Midsommar. Jonas’ favorite horror film is The Exorcist, and recent favorites include Project Wolf Hunting and Possessor. Ryan’s all-time favorite horror film is An American Werewolf in London, with recent favorites including Train To Busan and Possessor.

We asked the guys what made them want to be a part of our network:

“We’re excited about being a part of the MB family because we seem to match up with a lot of what you do and who you are. We love what we’ve seen, and we truly believe that this will be a wonderful match made in hell that will help us achieve our goals for the show in making those lesser-heard voices much louder in the genre.”


Another Goddamn Horror Podcast


We asked the hosts to share a couple of their favorite episodes to give new listeners a chance to get to know the show, and here’s what they suggested.
Ep. 84 with Peaches Christ – The Goddamn Guys ring in Pride Month with a guest who will drag you to hell: the queer icon, cult leader, filmmaker, “Dragula” judge, and master of the mascaraed macabre…Peaches Christ!
Ep. 48 with Kyle Kinane – With their second ‘Month Of Comedians” episode, the Blood Brothers welcome comedy superstar Kyle Kinane to discuss punk rock, comedy, Kramer, and the morals of using death footage in feature films.
Ep. 137 with Jennifer Reeder – The Goddamn Guys welcome filmmaker Jennifer Reeder to talk about her latest film, Perpetrator, working with great actors like Alicia Silverstone, being a film fan who is a filmmaker, her previous films, horror movies in general, having kids and so much more. 
You can find them on their socials: @AGHP666 on both Twitter and Instagram. You can also find them on Facebook and their at:

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