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Tune in every Monday to the incredible new addition to Morbidly Beautiful Radio, “They Mostly Podcast at Night” with Chaos and Carnage.

Editor’s Note: When we announced our decision to expand our podcasting network, we were fortunate enough to immediately partner with two incredible podcasts of the absolute highest quality. Our first new addition is the Horror Shots Podcast with host Casey Chaplin, which you can catch every Friday right here on Morbidly Beautiful. It’s the perfect pod for people who love horror history, myths, legends and folklore.

The second exciting addition to the Morbidly Beautiful family is the incredibly entertaining weekly movie discussion with hosts Chaos & Carnage of “They Mostly Podcast at Night”.

They Mostly Podcast at Night has been broadcasting their movie picks since 2017. Hosts Chaos and Carnage take turns picking a movie each week to terrorize their cohost with. And once the mics are on, the bickering and bantering begins. Best friends for 20 years, their bickering is aged like a fine wine. Or cheese. Each week, the episodes drop Monday at midnight. And don’t forget to check out their Instagram or Facebook page for clues of what will be coming out next.  – The Angry Princess

Hello there, and welcome to They Mostly Podcast at Night with Chaos and Carnage.

The Crow

Chaos and Carnage are super excited to be a part of Morbidly Beautiful and are looking forward to interacting with like minded horror fans. Who knows? We may even find new best friends who actually share our horror tastes.

This week’s episode, and the first one to appear on Morbidly Beautiful is a great one! We’ll be discussing 1994’s sleeper hit The Crow, chosen by Chaos. We bicker and banter our way through the film’s story while providing extra info you may not’ve heard about, like the details behind the curse that plagued cast and crew, Brandon’s death and what really happened, the history of Devil’s Night and more.

For instance, at one time, Michael Jackson was considered for the role of Eric, and they wanted the film to be a musical – what a different movie that would have been. We compare the movie to the graphic novel, examine each movie death, and talk what we liked and didn’t. Join us for a lively discussion on this cult classic.


Click here to check out past episodes of They Mostly Podcast at night. If you’re wondering where to get started, our favorite episodes are Wolfcop, Scream, Tucker and Dale Vs Evil, and Tourist Trap!

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