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The Wickedly Talented Ladies of Macabre Merch: Six Questions for the Beauty and Brains Behind the Killer Shop, Porcelain Wolf

Porcelain Wolf blends beauty, elegance, and charm with all things savage. The shop specializes in unique, horror inspired bath bombs and other bath indulgences. Created and run by a pair of incredibly talented Ghouls, Vanessa and Shannon, each bomb and bath product is handmade in Los Angeles, California. The quality of the insanely indulgent bombs themselves are enough to make your heart beat fast. But the jaw-dropping packaging and absolute lush looks of these bombs will make you fall head over heels in love. Each bomb is truly a work of art, almost too pretty to open. But you must open — because what’s inside is nothing short of bath time nirvana.
The ladies had this to say about their to die for products: “Our penchant for horror movies and our favorite villains, blended with our love for cupcakes, glitter, and pampering our minds and bodies with classic indulgences, are the driving forces behind our brand. We are committed to using only the best ingredients sourced from carefully selected suppliers, with no parabens or sulfates, and absolutely NO animal testing.”

1. What was the inspiration for starting your own business and how did you get started?

The inspiration was all Horror behind our company, oh and the love for taking hot blood baths. Hehe! We got started sampling colors and scents and creating the perfect recipes that suited for us for our needs & our products.

2. When and how did you fall in love with horror?

It’s been at least a decade or two of really following Horror and obvi watching and / or attempting to watch every horror movie ever made. In our minds, it’s like what’s not to love right? Following, collecting items from movies, etc. We just love it all.

3. Where does inspiration for your products come from? What is your creative process like?

Again, mostly movies, our penchant for horror movies. It’s like you’re watching a flick and it makes you feel a certain way, the movie is giving you an experience. We pull inspiration from each one and find a way to transfer that into a bathing experience. So it first arrives to the customers packaged and looking a certain way, that in hopes gives their eye balls the feels. And then once the product is used, they have yet another experience.

My creative process is all over the place, as I work in various mediums. But the one thing all my creations have in common is that everything is handmade. I like getting my hands dirty (on top of drawing pencil calluses and glue gun burns). The only exception is my t-shirts that feature my art on them. Those I outsource from a printer that I work with, but all images on those shirts are hand drawn and not digitally created.

4. What’s the best part about running your own business, and what’s the hardest part?

Best Part, being able to bring some really rad ideas to life and then share them w/ everyone out there and hope they vibe it as much as you do. Hardest part would be keeping track of everything, the learning curves and finding that perfect balance between it all.

5. Tell me why you think it’s important for people to support small business? Is it especially important for people to support female-owned business (if so, why)?

Small Businesses are fantastic. Something we, and I think everyone, can agree on is that when you’re a small business doing your thang, you put a lot of labor of love into your end product — because at the end of the day, you want it to be that perfect for the customer once they receive it. Sometimes with commercial brands, you lose that luster or passion behind the product. So again, circling back around to Small Businesses, another rad thing about them is they will create things so extra rad and special you won’t even find it in some regular old store. Ya Know?! Just another added bonus.

6. How can people follow/interact with you on social and purchase your products? And is there anything else you’d like to add or promote?

We are on Instagram if anyone ever wants to share photos or their experiences w/ us. Or catch new releases or recommended movies to watch while basking in our Deadlightful Bath Bombs at @Porcelain.wolf


Thank ya kindly Morbidly Beautiful for the interview! Love your Guts!


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