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Malvolia, the Queen of Screams, is back with another bloody fun holiday special — serving up a tasty treat in “Malvolia’s Memorable Thanksgiving 2”.

Here at Morbidly Beautiful, we’re eager to give thanks for quite a few things this year, including our amazing readers (that’s you!), an abundance of horror to gorge on, and the chance to work with the best and brightest in the industry. 2018 gave us much to be grateful for — and topping our list is the chance to welcome Malvolia, Queen of Horror into our morbid family. When you’re surrounded by family this deliciously wicked and sinfully entertaining, every day is a reason to celebrate.

But don’t fret if your family gatherings aren’t as scintillating. You’re part of our family, too, and we’re eager to invite you over for a little time at our twisted table. This Thanksgiving, take a break from mashing potatoes, stuffing turkeys, and fighting over politics with those insufferable relatives to enjoy a more satisfying holiday tradition.

Take ten for the Queen, and tune in for a different kind of Thanksgiving feast that promises a bloody good time. (Angry Princess)

The popular YouTube horror host, Malvolia — brainchild of horror actress Jennifer Nangle and Morbidly Beautiful celebrity guest host (Morbid Moments With Malvolia on the Morbidly Beautiful YouTube channel) — holds nothing back while spending the Thanksgiving holiday with her vict…I mean, friend.

Created/Written/Directed/Edited by Jennifer herself, and backed with the perfect score by Richard Trejo, this special takes place on Thanksgiving 1955, with a stranded Malvolia seeking refuge in a nearby home, needing to call for help as her car has broken down.

Malvolia and James chat over drinks as Malvolia’s hunger grows. And well, I don’t want to give too much away, but she’s hungry. Very hungry. (Tiffany Blem)

Another solid effort from Queen Scream Productions, be sure to stay tuned for the after credits scene, and check out the Thanksgiving special on YouTube beginning Tuesday, November 20th.

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