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Wacky, absurdist, and endearing, “Pink Rabbit” is a surreal trip with a surprising amount of depth for those who dig deeper.

Pink Rabbit

Delving into the wacky world of Zetkin Yikilmis is a unique experience and one that I very much enjoy. Her DIY film-making style is full of charm and determination, which resonates with the viewer and gives the fans of low and micro-budget horror what they want!

Pink Rabbit, like Yikilmis’ last feature Planet Zee, offers a bizarre visual treat, with outlandish circumstances telling a story with some serious sub-text should you wish to scratch the surface.

Of course, you can enjoy the film for all its zany comedy-horror moments and off-the-wall storytelling style. But you can also feel for the protagonist Martha, played by Yikilmis, as a young mother trying to get back to her child after an unfortunate accident turns her world upside down.

The story begins when Martha (Zetkin Yikilmis herself) tries to get home from work to her family. After being involved in an accident, she is thrown into a topsy-turvy fantasy world, where a man in a giant pink Rabbit suit (Roland Bialke) guides her through her various settings and unfortunate circumstances — informing her that it is a game and that she must follow the rules in order to free herself and get back to her son.

Things go from bad to worse and from wacky to downright absurd as Martha struggles with the trials laid before her.

Pink Rabbit, for all its bizarre window dressing, is a story about a mother’s struggles to provide for her family and the strength of the maternal bond.

Yikilmis portrays Martha wonderfully and really makes you empathize with her plight. As a parent myself, it certainly added a layer of emotion to the film that I think Yikilmis was trying to get across.

The film crosses between genres of horror, fantasy, exploitation, and thriller to keep you entertained and always guessing what could come next. Because of this constant fluidity in styles, the pacing never feels like it is dragging, which can sometimes be an issue in low-budget films, and never leaves you feeling bored.

Zetkin Yikilmis is a name that I hope to continue to see in the world of indie cinema because her passion for filmmaking is infectious and makes me want to watch whatever she has to offer.

This kind of film isn’t for everyone, and that’s OK.

It’s for those who seek out films that will never be mainstream; for those who crave the strange, subversive, and surreal. If you dig the Troma style DIY film-making — and the voices that have a story to tell, without the backing and budget of a big studio and only the motivation and heart to get that story told — this is for you.

If that describes you, be sure to check this one out and keep your eyes open for the name Zetkin Yikilmis in the future.

Overall Rating (Out of 5 Butterflies): 5
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